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10-10-2006, 08:39 PM
Well, I waited for things to calm down a little before I responded to the last night's races. First off, the Chargers should be called forward demo race. It looked like every car hit everybody close to them and to say the 54 put the 44 in the wall, well what was 44 doing racing in marbles? My view on the backstretch was that the 44 came chopping down on the 54. Secondly, the 36 tried to wreck the 54 coming out of the 2nd turn when the 54 was passing the36 cleanly. That's why the 36 landed on top of the 54. Hey Magnum, what's a new driver, with only 3 starts to do, park in the infield or try to win a race that he would have won if not for 2 cars wrecking him coming through the field? Before you say I'm only a fan, I ran at Riverhead for 23yrs, so I think I know the difference between a walling and a chop. Also, congrats to Ratti. ron

10-11-2006, 01:08 PM
Ron, I know you guys are like (BROTHERS), but to your statement him winning, not even close, maybe a top 5. 81 was at the top of his game, set fast time, took the lead, saved his tires, walked the dog, he was on cruise control. I taught him well, like father, like son, the winning keeps going in my family tree.--DYNAMITE--(66 career wins) ps-I just needed to correct you on that one statement. :angel:

10-18-2006, 07:48 PM

Since you decided to revisit the incidents involving the #54 Charger in the final race on September 16, and since you addressed at least part of your comments to me personally, I believe that a reply is in order.

In your post, you appear to refer to the driver of the #54 Charger car as "a new driver, with only 3 starts."

You're kidding us, right?

Rusty is anything but a "new driver." He is a past champion in the division and won his first Charger race in 1982. Let's see, that gives him at least 24 yrs. experience as a driver--just about the same as you.

"New driver?" I don't think so.

You also inquired as to why the #44 car was racing up in the "marbles" while at the same time you said that he was "chopping down on the 54." With all due respect to your 23 years as a driver, perhaps you could explain to all of us how somebody can be racing both the high line and the low line at the same time!!??!! :confused: Your logic escapes me.

As for your comments about the #44 "chopping" the #54--at the risk of repeating myself, because you obviously didn't read it the first time I posted it--if the #44 had really meant to chop the #54, he would have held him down and used the #88 as a pick, forcing the #54 to either check up behind the #88 or plow into the #88 (you do remember where the #88 was don't you)? Instead, he moved up the track to give both himself and the #54 enough room to clear the #88. The thanks he got for racing the #54 clean was to be right-turned into the wall. :disgusted

It was a cheap shot then and it's a cheap shot now.

10-18-2006, 08:23 PM
This happened nearly a month ago. Time to just relax and enjoy the offseason...