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Dwight Clock
11-01-2006, 07:09 AM
Finding this board has stirred a lot of memories for me. One such memory is the 1965 season. It offered the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The lows came before the season started when in January Barbara Gamache passed away and then, in March, Gene Gamache did as well. Gene had driven for Ed Ackerman in 1964 scoring the last feature win of his career at Islip on July 4th. Once the season started at Islip in 1965 there were the usual faces in victory lane, Jim Hendrickson, Fred Harbach, Al DeAngelo. But there would be several others win in 1965 as well. I remember Johnny Coy winning in the Frank Torres #27 '37 Ford coupe. Wally Dallenbach came to run an ARDC show, hopped in a backup Fred Harbach car, and won the feature. And then came a night in August that will never be forgotten by those who were there. Larry Mendolsohn had brought Virginia great Ray Hendrick up north to promote the Trenton 200 for modifieds. He didn't show much in his heat, finishing 7th. But come feature time the potent Tant-Mitchell 11 was ready to go. Starting 19th he quickly worked through the field. Jackie Reinhard had started up front and was leading when Hendrick took over second on lap 10. It was just a matter of time until Hendrick would grab the lead and go on to the win. Or was it? Hendrick pulled up alongside Jackie and tried lap after lap to get by but to no avail. Reinhard was driving the race of his life. I never saw a drivers will to win stronger than Jackie's was on this night. He simply refused to lose. As the laps wore down in the 25 lap event the fans came to their collective feet, rooting for Reinhard to claim the improbable win. As he streaked under the checkered Reinhard had about two feet on Hendrick and the place simply erupted. It will always remain as one of the most popular wins in the great history of the Islip Speedway.

11-01-2006, 04:41 PM
I Enjoyed what you wrote, very much. Brought back a lot of Memories.
I could Visualize Rienhard driving that race, He was one of my favorites at Riverhead Raceway, he had that little cut down coupe, with six carbs.
Thanks John