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Dwight Clock
11-10-2006, 07:05 PM
Golf Guy, you touched some memories that were long dormant with your mention of selling lemonade to those headed to the speedway. In my teens I lived for Saturday nights at Islip. I lived in Bay Shore. My family had a booth at the Farmers Market which I was obligated to work at until 2:00 on Saturdays. When I was finished it was time to go to the track! I would walk down Sunrise Highway to Commack Rd., stopping at the Carvel on the south side for a cone which I would consume on my walk up Freeman Ave. I would turn in to the south parking lot and walk around to the pit entrance was was located at that time on the southeast corner of the pits. Anyone coming from out of town was usually there by that time. Rene Charland was often there. I remember Gil Hearne, Richie Evans (in the Rusty Nail coupe), and even Ray Hendrick the night he had that battle with Jackie Reinhard. Ed Flemke, George Pendergast, Parker Bohn, and Jerry Cook also were there a time or two. It would seem like the gates would never open. Just before they did I would walk around to the concession stand and get ready for my nights work in the stands. What a deal! Get to see the races and make a few bucks, too! Great, great times.

Golf Guy
11-10-2006, 08:17 PM
Yes, mst times we would use the money made from selling lemonade to get out $1 pass into the track. I write $1 because if you lived close enough, and we did, the race track offered your household 2 $1 passes. Also I say most times, because being 13ish we sometimes would sneak in from the north west corner and use our profits on soda and hot dogs.