View Full Version : Sal Franzese: Got any NY racing history in 1955?

03-07-2007, 09:00 PM
:help: Looking for NY racing history in 1955 on race car owner or driver by the name of Sal Franzese.
Looking for photos of Sal Franzese and his race cars.
Did he have another a/k/a name?
Looking for names of any race drivers who drove his race cars?
:cheers: Thanks for any information or photos.

03-31-2007, 05:58 AM
Where are the Auto Racing Trophies WebSites?
Is there a name for collector of (old) auto racing trophies?
How come they do not show the winning trophies of yesterdays race drivers (living or dead)?
Where's Al DeAngelo's auto racing trophies?
Where's Bruno Brackey's auto racing trophies?
Where's George LeBlanc's auto racing trophies?
Where's Georgie Cousin's auto racing trophies?
Where's Jim Lacy's auto racing trophies?
There are million of race fans interested in old auto race history!!!!
This the only racing web site and maybe the first racing web site, that has shown a driver's or car owner's old auto racing trophies. Sal Franzese: 1955-1958 Racing Trophies #1 thru #11!!!
The only other place is the internet auction!!!
How come I got a whole lot of (281) views but only (1) replies???
I hope the race fans enjoy them?