View Full Version : A Nicer Figure8 Course

03-20-2007, 04:35 AM
Anyone who has run on both the Islip and Riverhead figure8 courses will remember how much nicer it was to run at Islip. The end of the figure8 straightaways blended in to the turns so much better and smoother. The Islip X was smaller and it had a 90 degree intersection while Riverheads looks to be about 80 degrees. At Islip the figure8 straightaway ended while you were still on the oval straightaway. You had a slight turn first and then you entered the turn. The end of Riverheads figure8 straightaway ends at a spot where you are already in the turn and into the banking. You basically go into the turn and slam in to the banking. At Islip, the transition was so much better.