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04-19-2007, 05:27 AM
On February 10, 1952 at Beach & Road Course, Daytona Beach, FL.
A mystery man that used the name of Joie Ray from Portland,OR. was driving a Henry J stock race car #105 for owner Grady Quinn. Started 25th position, Finished 51st position in the race, after he wrecked it on the 37th lap of the 49 laps* race on a 4.100 mile road course (200.9 miles)
Grand National race number 2 of 34.
One night on an popular local radio live broadcast auto racing show located in Richmond,Va., that was hosted by Joe and Ruth Kelly, a gentleman by name of Joseph R. Ray Jr. called in and set the racing record straight that he wasn't the first black race driver in NASCAR and he had never raced race cars on any race tracks in Daytona Beach, Fla. area. He called the mystery man listed above as "the White" Joie Ray, the crook, who was wanted by law and had an large collection of arrest warrants following him. During the radio interview, Mr.Ray proudly called himself "the Black" Joie Ray, an honest law abiding black race car driver, trying to race!!! Every where he went to race, "the White" Joie Ray's arrest warrants was following Mr.Ray. It got so bad he had to produce to The law enforcement officers an "Special ID", proofing he was "the Black" Joie Ray, the black race car driver, not "the White" Joie Ray,the crook!!! After Mr. Ray's interview, he gain a bunch of new race fans for being honest with his racing history and tell it like it is.
Note: On Wed., April 18,2007, at 6-8 PM, The live broadcast radio auto racing talk show that was hosted by Joe and Ruth Kelly was in your honor, Mr. Joie Ray.
Sincerely yours,
Dennis Garrett

04-22-2007, 01:36 AM
Will the real Joie Ray stand up??? Here some B&W photos!!! You Decide???

Photos #1 & #2 of "the Black" Joie Ray, an honest law abiding black race car driver, trying to race!!! This race driver is smiling and enjoying the photographer taking his photo.

Photos #3 & #4 of "the White" Joie Ray, the crook!!! This race driver has a frown on his face and is unhappy that the photographer is taking his photo.
Maybe he is worrying about the arrest warrants on his head and police looking for him!!!
The #105 Henry J stock car was a beautiful race car, before he flip it a couple of times and total it!!!
Note: http://www.raresportsfilms.com/1952beach.html
Above website has the 1952 Daytona Beach Race plus 1952 Modified-Sportman Race, both on one DVD! - Marshall Teague wins in his Fabulous Hudson Hornet! Great shots of the old beach and road course! Crashes in the south turn! (B&W) Florida. Also shows "the White" Joie Ray rolls his #105 Henry J in the north turn.

08-17-2007, 03:32 PM
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Hi -- I'm very interested in your posting about Joie Ray. It figures into a book I'm writing, and I'd like to talk to you. Could I get your email and/or phone number?

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