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04-21-2007, 11:34 PM
Modified (35)
EARL PAULES 2. Rusty Smith 3. Bobby Jones 4. John Bennett 5. Kevin Graver, Jr. 6. Scott Lesher 7. Eric Beers 8. Paul Skodacek 9. Brian Defebo 10. Bup Dreher 11. Tommy Flanagan 12. Tony Hanbury 13. Rick Kirkendall 14. Troy Bollinger 15. Mike Quinn 16. Lou Strohl 17. Don Wagner 18. Todd Baer 19. Rod Snyder, Jr. 20. Chip Santee 21. Rodney Gruber DNQ: Dave Correll, Stacy Brown, Glenn Correll, Roger Heffelfinger, Phil Slater

Late Model (30)
TODD STEHLE 2. Todd Geist 3. Lorin Arthofer 4. Joe Kehrli 5. Mike Sweeney 6. Rick Wallace 7. Tony Zastko 8. Mike Radocha, Jr. 9. Pat Hargan 10. Gary Lerch, Jr. 11. John Loftus 12. Mike VanFossen

Street Stock (25)
SHAWN SITARCHYK 2. Kristy Morone 3. Lonnie Behler 4. Bill Hunara 5. Todd Ahner 6. Mark Dysher 7. Chip Wanamaker 8. Justin Mooney 9. Randy Ahner, Jr. 10. Jay Llewellyn 11. Blaine Kerchner 12. Alan Schlenker 13. Jamie Smith 14. Joe Mooney 15. Rich Pursell

Factory Stock (20)
CHUB STEIGERWALT 2. Keith Knappenberger 3. Randy Ahner 4. Duane Eidem 5. Doug Knauss 6. Jeff Delong 7. Jason Frey 8. Justin Searfass 9. Brian Hughes 10. Devin Gibson 11. Jeff Drofich

Pro 4 (20)
KEVIN REX, JR. 2. Josh Sherer 3. Jeremy Miller 4. Chris Kuronya 5. Ricky Ahner, Jr. 6. Dennis Silfies 7. Barry Christman, Jr. 8. Bill Rooney 9. Jon Moser 10. Frankie Althouse 11. Jon Smith 12. TJ Kemmerer 13. Mike Stringer 14. Dustin Bair 15. Scooter Graver 16. Matt Derkosh 17. Kevin Behler 18. Drew Rice 19. John Powell

04-21-2007, 11:37 PM
Sheesh...Geno what did you do speed home? You didn't stay for the post race action in the pits? Ah, boys will be boys....You beat me to posting the results. It was great to here you in action again...who would have guessed Dino would plan a wedding during racing season?

04-22-2007, 01:44 AM
Thanks Bling. It was fun and a pleasure filling in for Dino. Although I am quieter (blaming a dead mic battery), it was fun. Also, it’s been some time since I’ve been to MVS & nice to see everyone, including Donette for all of her help. Didn’t drive too fast on the way home (was that you I passed on I-81?):confused: - Sorry, just used to posting results as soon as I walk in the door.

Hey, maybe a new goal should be to announce at every track I’ve raced at, LOL:lol:

04-22-2007, 11:40 PM
Geno...definitely not as loud as Dino...However, where I sit and the noise of the cars you can't even hear him. We will work on you speaking louder. Yelling exercises!

Pass me on 81? Ha...I, like you, require myself to post race results once I get home, however, you beat me to it. I just opened up a new post when I hit something on accident which routed me back to the forum and good thing I was paying attention, because right there were the results you had posted, mine weren't necessary.

Let me know next time you will be making a showing at MVS..I will be sure to come by and say hi!