View Full Version : Two Track Operators Talk About The Ills Of The Modified Tour

05-10-2007, 11:40 PM
Two Track Operators Talk About The Ills Of The Modified Tour (http://blogs.courant.com/autoracing/2007/05/two_track_opera.html)

05-11-2007, 09:55 PM
The bloom is off the rose as far as the NASCAR Modified is concerned. How can you ask fans who have grown accustomed to 150-200 lap races to now buy 50 lap heats/feature "flash" events? Just what does flash mean anyways? Too bad for NASCAR that they don't like competition, the TVMS and ROC could take all their regulars and put on as good a show(and often do). So. FLa can't seem to get a handle on this fact. Modifieds and the people who race them are NOT pro racers in the vain of Cup,Busch and CTS. They are owned primarily by moneyed up and less so REAL fans of these great cars and the drivers do it as a sideline mostly. Most crew are working guys who give up a lot of quality time because they love them so much also. This is not big time corporate America at work here. I'm not saying its easy but some balance must be made between the costs of racing, purses, and gate price the fans are willing to pay. NASCAR should either commit to the modified or get out altogether. The void will be filled should they elect the latter option.