View Full Version : Tom Baldwin Memorial Celebs

05-30-2007, 06:36 PM
Please remember this list can change at a moments notice:

Tommy Baldwin Jr
Kasey Kahne
Steve Park
Dave Blaney
Jeremy Mayfield
Harry Carson NY Giants Hale Of Famer
Mike Joy - FOX
Larry McReynolds - FOX
Matt Yockum - FOX
Bob Dillner - SPEED & FOX
Slugger Labbe - Crew Chief Sterlin Marlin
Kevin Hamlin - Crew Chief Dave Blaney
David Hyder - Crew Chief Jeremy Mayfield
Kevin (Bono) Manion - Crew Chief Martin Truex
Donny Lia
Eric Beers
Guy Ronzoni
Bob Polverari
Renee Dupuis
Tony Ferrante Jr
Chuck Hossfeld
Glenn Sullivan
Todd Szegedy
Glen Tyler
Bryon Chew
And many more from the Whelen Modified Series and the whole gang from Bill Davis Racing.

We still have spectator and golf space available, the outing is a week away go to www.baldwin7ny.com for more info or email me at tbgolfouting@yahoo.com.


Steve Halpin