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06-10-2007, 09:26 PM
Speed Tv Will Show 2 Races Live According To A Reliable Source.
June 30th At Nhis
September 1st At Martinsville

August 25 Hdnet Will Show The First Modified Tour Race
At Mansfield,ohio.

3 Tv Races,it's A Step In The Right Direction.

ThE sHaDoW
06-10-2007, 10:10 PM
FYI, HDNet is a satellite only channel. I dont know if both carry it, Direct TV does.

chrome horn
06-10-2007, 11:19 PM
Plus you need a HD TV and you can't Tivo/ record HD programing

ThE sHaDoW
06-11-2007, 07:47 AM
I am going to try and record all the races this year with my computer, through the dish. Dont know what I'll get, or how it will edit down. I'll try a sample run shortly.

06-25-2007, 04:48 PM
I have seen these dates for the Whelen Mods to be on TV. Now, as the New Hampshire race approaches, I have checked SPEED TV's schedule and I do not see the Modified race listed for this coming Saturday, June 30.

I think Speed Channel (er, um, Speed TV) lists a Trackside live show at that time. Maybe they could just divert the cameras from the hosts and show the action on the track.

I hope the schedule is wrong! Hope springs eternal.

06-25-2007, 05:15 PM
Speed is broadcasting the BES race at NHIS on Wed July 18th at 2:30 PM. The schedule doesn't go further yet, but if they are going to broadcast it I'd guess that it will be the following week. Nothing live that I know of.

ThE sHaDoW
06-25-2007, 06:22 PM
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race will be tape-delayed and it will air on Speed on Thursday, July 26 at 2:30 p.m.

06-28-2007, 08:55 PM
Thanks! Better to see them tape-delayed than to not see them at all.

Looking back carefully at the original post it states that they'll show the race. It didn't say when they'd show it!

Thanks again for the updated information.

06-29-2007, 07:22 AM
Plus you need a HD TV and you can't Tivo/ record HD programing

Not cool that my first post here is to disagree with someone but I've DVR'd many HDTV programs and watched them in their full HD glory later.

Maybe it's different with satellite (I have Comcast)?

W. J.
06-29-2007, 09:37 AM
To record satellite HD programming, you need a special HD-DVR, which can be obtained from the satellite company, as both offer it as an option.

07-18-2007, 10:28 AM
Just a reminder. The BES race from NHIS is on Speed today (7/18) at noon.

The WMT race from NHIS will be on Speed next week Thursday 7/26 at 2:30, not on Wednesday when "Racing Across America" is normally on.

Usually they replay it a couple times afterward also.

07-18-2007, 12:52 PM
speed has busch series on at 12 and racing across america at 2:30,area auto racing news had the tour race at 2:30

07-18-2007, 01:01 PM
You are absolutely correct TMAC - I should have checked my TiVo notes closer, different day, different time. Thanks for the save, I changed my post.

07-25-2007, 09:34 AM
Remember to set your TiVos or VCRs or DVD recorders for tomorrow the 26th at 2:30 pm for the NHIS WMT race on Speed. I haven't seen a lisiting for any replays.

07-30-2007, 12:53 PM
Well so much for seeing the ending of tour race.Seems we got a power surge during the taping of the race and only got to see about half of it.Now if a theres a die hard mod person who watched the race and maybe has a copy of it and i can borrow your tape and make a copy i would appreciate it.I will be at the tour race next week at riverhead.Just tell me were to meet you to pick it up.

07-30-2007, 01:29 PM
TMAC, I have a copy (DVD), thanks to you reminding of the time change. I will be in the pits most of the day at Riverhead, except during the WMT races I'll be in the infield. Let me know where I can find you and when and I'll bring you a copy. It is recording as I type, hope a DVD is ok. If not I can put it on a VHS tape for you. PM me if you'd like.

07-30-2007, 03:44 PM
Howie, is there any way you could make a DVD for myself as well. I had to work and we couldn't get our VCR to record. The girls watched it and have a disagreement going on one of the accidents...who they think caused it....crazy kids even drawed a little map on how/what/who caused the accident. I tried to tell them that two people can see the same incident and have two different opinions on what happened.

I won't be at Riverhead because we are going to a wedding but will be at Stafford if you are able to make me one. Thanks!!

The Bullfather
07-30-2007, 03:49 PM
The worst announcers in the world. How many times and how many wyas cane they botch a last name??? Mike Joy and Bob Dillner said they would do it for free! I bet Allen Bestwick would even do it for free! 3 announcers who know the drivers and know they're back grounds and are friends with many of them. ughhhh But the racing was great!!!