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06-24-2007, 08:48 PM
Why don't we try to add a couple of Charger and maybe a couple more truck events to the future schedule? We don't even have to run heats for the trucks. We were done with the Late Models by 7 last night, not the heats, the main. We stalled to run the modifieds and still ran them in the day light. I saw many fans still buying tickets when the modifieds were running on the track. That's crazy. I know the track wants to get done early, but this is rediculous. With the rainouts now the chargers only run 12 events and the trucks 8. I don't mind two weeks off, but I can almost guarentee we will have that with rainouts. The pits were empty. Let's get all the classes there. If you think there is a time issue, then just run main events. Everyone makes the field, no one is going home. I mean July 7th, no Figure-8's, no Chargers and no Late Models, that is plain out dumb. The Chargers were off this week and only race 1 time in July. The trucks also, only 4 more races. They are fun to watch now that they have 15 trucks and you see some of the best racing guys coming from the back to the front. Same with the Chargers. I know I watched the Modifieds the past 2 weeks and it was like 20 peas in a bowl. Not to take away from the Modifieds which are a main attraction, but I think there is way better racing in the lower divisons. I think the fans appreciate that bumping and banging action. Come on new stewards and Bob F., we should at least make an effort for this. 81

06-25-2007, 08:50 AM
I think a couple more truck shows would be awesome. The races end so early I'm sure they could fit it in...

06-25-2007, 01:24 PM
It's been brought up at the Winter Meetings regarding the Truck schedule and how it is so front-loaded, then strung out from the end on June on. Going four straight weeks is tough, especially if you have damage to deal with. Yet, going three straight weeks without a race also sucks. The Answer: YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. The result: NOTHING.

Then throw in the rainouts. Do the trucks get rescheduled ? NO. But they make damn sure to reschedule their exploding bus races and blindfolded-upside-down-backwards-taxi-cabs-diven-by-midgets race.

Then we asked for some longer races, at least on the Sunday's when the track has all day to get the program in, since it's only the trucks and enduro's. I mean, you put a ton of time and preparation into the Truck, and then go out and the race is done in less than 15 minutes (going green flag-to-flag, as the Trucks often do.)The Answer: YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. The result: NOTHING.

How do you bring a sponsor (or potential sponsor) out to the Track, make him pay to get in, just so he can watch is investment race for 15 minutes. After the race, people have said "That's it ???????????" Yup, that's all we get, a 5 mile race. Thanks for coming out. Sorry you spent more time in your car driving out here than you did in the stands.

The sad fact is that the track would rather put an extra 50 people (maximum) in the stands for their Circus acts, rather than give any extra time to a legit class like the Trucks, or any of the other classes for that matter.

What's needed is a driver's association. One rep from each of the classes. Regular meetings with the track owners and officials. A rules meeting in the fall to address rule changes and inprovements for the next season. An avenue to address complaints and suggestions.

And yes, W.J., everyone's just lucky that there still is a track to race at. But at the same, they should realize that WE, the race teams, keep them in business.

Sadly, there's too much apathy, and an overall "Oh well, I'll just take whatever they want to give me and be happy because I'm too busy putting my 'Support Riverhead Raceway' decals on all my vehicles".

Nothing changes.

06-25-2007, 02:05 PM
Nicely said.I agree

06-25-2007, 04:37 PM
Yea, I agree....I've seen 1 truck race this year. Theres no reason why they shouldnt race every week w/ an occasional week off.

06-25-2007, 05:27 PM
Uuuhhh Yup!!

06-25-2007, 06:03 PM
I emailed the track last week and they said they would try to add some shows but the schedule was tight.If all of us email them that might speed up the process!! hint, hint.

W. J.
06-25-2007, 06:17 PM
Bob Finan emailed me and tells me it is being considered. See, you can be heard.

06-27-2007, 01:20 PM
Thanks For The Info.