View Full Version : Thanks to all my sponsors on the 81

09-17-2007, 03:50 PM
I want to say thanks to all my sponsors. I have a lot of names on the sides of my car, and I want everyone to know that without all these people, I wouldn't be able to race week in & week out. First of all they are more than sponsors, they are all my friends. They are not rich, they don't put their name on my car because it's going to get them more jobs. They do it because they love being apart of what we have at the race track. That's a family. We have so much fun, whether we win or lose. We party, we hang out, we cook awesome food everyweek, we have a blast. Now the sponsors that have helped me so much, Keith and Sharon Spano, my first sponsor ever, and one of my best friends, he doesn't own a business, he takes money out of his own pocket to help me out ever year. Chris Mohr Landscaping, Buyers Choice Mortgage Group, Tim Halpin and Ryan, you guys always find something to help me out, even in bad times. Ideal Cesspools, Doug Wholey always there when I need something, Carpet Express, Affordable Bail Bonds, Steel Fox Racing, Michelangelo's Pizzeria, Marcello Masonry, Rat Pack, Let It Shine Mobile Detaling, Popa Mohr, Long Island Ice And Fuel, P D Carbs, Franks Trannys, Hank Hallock, Steve Halpin, Wild Child Lettering, Chucks Napa of Cutchogue, B K Motors, and last, but not least, James Becht. The people that help me week in & week out are Uncle Ray, who also takes money out of his own pocket to help me out, John, Dad, Roger, Buddy, Matt, Mark, Larry the Chef, Mom, Lori, Kevin, Hornet, Aunt Candy the best cookies and brownies in town, Poppa O, who tells me to use my head every week lol, I try, and my wife who films me week in week out so I can go to the video tape as Warner Wolf would say, she is my back bone and I couldn't do it without her, she is my everything. It was an awesome season, three wins 5 seconds and a lot of great times thanks to all and I hope I didn't forget anyone. K. A. D. Motorsports and my fan club. ERIN #1

09-18-2007, 12:18 PM
Ohhh man Bub, your gonna be in trouble with your fan club... lol

09-18-2007, 04:58 PM
MUCH better ! :D