View Full Version : Demo Derby At Bridgeport

10-05-2007, 10:36 PM
Bridgeport speedway is hosting another race for the 4 cyl on the large 5/8 mile track on Sunday Oct 21st. I am unsure of the payout. The rules can be found at www.localmicros.com or www.thenewbridgeportspeedway.com the track is located just north of Bridgeport, NJ off exit 14 of 295 in New Jersey, and is a 5/8th mile dirt track. Scott Dune from Mountain and NEETS Enduro came down last race and was told yes they can run, then no they cant, then yes they can...and so on. They did end up running and pretty good, for and enduro car, right off the streets anyway. Also the Outlaw Stocks will be running too. The rules are simular to the f/s at wall and street stocks at mountain and MVS. I would still check with the speedway for rules to make sure. Would hate for someone to make the trip here and be shut down. There will also be mods, small block mods, gm sportmans, Limited Sprints and Demo Derby on the card. As far as I know they all will be competing in warm-ups/heats/consi/feature formates. Racing starts at 12:00 noon but if you have not been there before with your car, I would get there early to get them inspected. Please do not quote me word for word, and please check out the two websites above to clarify all info or questions you have, or ask them here and I will try finding you an answer asap.