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10-06-2007, 11:29 PM
Mike Quinn held off the hard charing Eric Beers and Zane Zeiner to get the win for the last race of the season. Congrats to Earl Paules for winning the Super 7 series points and Chip Santee who picked up the crown for the Modified seaons points champion.

Mark Deysher took the checkers for the Street Stocks, while team mate Bill Hunara claimed the Street Stocks points.

Chub Steigerwalt crossed the line first for the Factory Stocks and Justin Serfass earned the points race championship.

Kevin Rex Jr won the 2007 points battle in the Pro-4 Late Models.

In the 4-cylinder class it was Scooter Graver who took the checkers for the final racing event in 2007, Dave Freundt earned the championship.

Congrats to all on a great 2007 season!

The full results:

Modifieds (100): 1.Mike Quinn 2.Eric Beers 3.Zane Zeiner 4.Earl Paules 5.Rusty Smith 6.John Markovic 7.Chip Santee 8.Tom Flanagan 9.Bobby Jones 10.Brian DeFebo 11.Don Wagner 12.Lou Strohl 13.Rick Reichenbach 14.Todd Baer 15.Carl Jones 16.CJ Jones 17.Matt Hirschman 18.Scott Lesher 19.Rod Snyder, Jr. 20.Stacey Brown 21.Paul Skodacek
DNQ: John Bennett, Matt Clemens, Jason Bair

Street Stocks (25): 1.Mark Deysher 2.Kristy Morone Arthofer 3.Todd Ahner 4.Alan Schlenker 5.Joe Mooney 6.Chip Wanamaker 7.Stephen Steigerwalt 8.Bill Hunara 9.Shawn Sitarchyk 10.Bob Applegate 11.Chris Smith 12.Josh Scherer DNS: Justin Mooney

Pro4 Late Models (20) 1.Mike Stringer 2.Barry Christman, Jr. 3.Ricky Ahner, Jr. 4.Jeremy Miller 5.Dennis Silfies 6.Randy Schlenker 7.Drew Rice 8.Chris Kuronya 9.Kevin Rex, Jr. 10.Jason Bair 11.Matt Derkosh 12.Dustin Bair 13.Dave Harrington

Factory Stocks (20): 1.Justin Steigerwalt 2.Justin Serfass 3.Randy Ahner, Sr. 4.Duane Eidem 5.Jason Kuhn 6.Jason Frey 7.Doug Knauss 8.Devin Gibson 9.Jeff Drofich 10.Jeff Delong 11.Matt May 12.Randy Ahner, Jr.

4-Cyl. Stocks (20): 1.Scooter Graver 2.Dave Freundt 3.Ricky Kunkle 4.Casey Creyer 5.Kristian Kalch 6.Jeff Biegley 7.Ryan Christman 8.Adam Kratzer 9.Dan Freundt 10.Brian Kunkle 11.Jake Kibler 12.Jon Smith 13.Kelly Kunkle DNS: Don Reichenbach

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