View Full Version : Big Thank you to everybody

10-23-2007, 10:58 AM
I just want to get on here and thank everybody that made this year a great year. First off I want to thank the tracks. Wall Township Speedway thanks to Jim Morton and Jill Forrester and everybody at Wall. We were treated very well and we had so much fun racing there and can't wait to come back for 08. Also want to Thank Kyle and it was good talking to you on Sunday. Mahoning Valley Speedway. Thank you Doug and Gena Hoffman for having us and we had a blast running there as we always do and we are treated very well and we look forward to coming back in 08. Shenandoah Speedway Thank you Connie McClain and everybody at the track. Shenandoah is so much fun and we really enjoy racing there we get treated very well and we look forward to returning in 08. Chemung Speedrome. Thank to John White for having us and it was our first race there and we had a lot of fun we look forward to returning in 08. I have to thank all of our guys who came out and raced and worked hard. These guys are so much fun to race with and are really really good people and without them we wouldn't have anything. I appreciate all the efforts that they made to make the races, support it, and all there hard work to make sure their cars were prepared and ready to go. Mike Renn, Steve Renn, Mike Crispo, Kevin Ritchie, Adam Zuidema, Randy Zuidema, Derek Zuidema, Chuck Gilbert (My father) who makes sure that my ride is there every week and sponsored the trophy and all the support and input and helping me get our cars ready everyweek. And John Udes. Also have to thank Lionel Earl, who came down to a few races and is putting together a car for next year. Just want to welcome Lionel and thank him for his support. I have to thank my Fiance Melinda who worked her butt off this year. She was the reason we have pictures at all to put up on the website and to have at the motorsports show. She put together the board we had at every race keeping people informed of points and schedule. She also was working on my car, so she had a lot of stuff to do at the track. She has really been a huge supporter and I appreciate it. Thanks to Matt Obert, who made the trip every race from LI (dealing with all that traffic) to help me out, and also got me some pictures to put up on the site. Matt does everything he can to support us and do what he can and I really appreciate it. I want to thank Walter Elliott, who came over to chat with us everytime we were at Wall and got us into Area Auto. I have to thank Bob Renn for supporting us and getting some video of our races. I want to thank Kevin Ritchie's father, who came out and supported us this year. Also thanks to Ronnie Williams, who I know helped out Mike Crispo a lot, and helped have his car ready to go racing. Also thanks to Jen, who came out to see us and Raff who came out. I hope I didn't leave anybody out. I really appreciate what everybody does and I look forward to 2008. It will be fun and really competitive. :)