View Full Version : Sad Day (Wall)

03-15-2008, 12:03 AM
Wall Speedway is done. This is just so sad. I had been going to Wall since I was a little kid and loved watching the modifieds run on the high banks, I had been trying for years to try to get us (4C Supers) in there and last year it finally happened. I knew what racing at Wall would mean to us and how well our cars would run there . I was looking forward to a bright future which has faded away tonight. We had such a fun time there last year. The track was just awesome in so many ways the rich history and that banking and the people who made us feel right at home. We ran with the sunday series and I also feel so terrible for all those kids who ran on the inside track and the quarter midget track and all the dreams that one day they would drive on the high banks. It just doesn't seem fair. I want thank Jim Morton for giving us the opportunity to run there and seeing the potentional our series has. It was great dealing with him and I wish him the best. I know Jim and Sue worked hard to keep the track going. Also want to that Jill and also Kyle. Kyle I know you'll read this I'm sorry. I will miss Wall so much and this will hurt for a long time for so many reasons.