View Full Version : Get ready to get dirty!!!

04-30-2008, 09:22 PM
That's right, I have some fresh news for you all who have been oh so patient...

NEETS will be racing at Grandview Speedway! We are being given a trial race and depending on the outcome and car counts, we be getting loaded up for the long haul with the hill!!!!!

If you have ever dreamed of racing at Grandview Speedway, and couldn't afford a Mod or LM...NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!! We will be announcing the race date soon and you will have your chance to get dirty NEETS style!!!

We are getting a TRIAL RACE...that means one!!! Don't sit back and wait to see how it turns out...get out there and race! You may not get another chance if everyone decides to wait-it-out.... Get those cars together and get ready to dirt track it!!!

And that's not all!!! More news will be announced shortly regarding White Lake Speedway....That's right...NEETS ON DIRT AND ASPHALT!!!!

This will be the first enduro race NEETS has ever been a host to at Grandview Speedway AND it will be the first enduro ran in over 10 years!!! Don't miss this chance to be a part of the action!!! To be a part of NEETS AND RACING HISTORY!!!!


More info will be posted on our site, www.neetsracing.com shortly!

Thank you all for being so patient...you knew it would pay off didn't you?

Oh, by the way...SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!