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10-07-2008, 02:32 AM
New information on Dwight Clock's death and funeral.

Dwight Clock has posted answers to old auto racing history questions from all over the world and was well liked by everyone.
He will be greatly missed by everyone. He knew his racing history.
Has an obituary been posted anywhere for Dwight Clock? I checked the Indianapolis Star as well as the Marion Chronicle-Tribune and found nothing.

Do you have new information on Dwight Clock's death and funeral.
# 1. Date of death? Date and location of Birth?
# 2. Location and caused of death?
# 3. Cremated?
# 4. Date of Burial? Location of Cemetery?
# 5. Got any (head shot) photos of Dwight Clock to shared with forum members and guests?
# 6. Did Dwight Clock raced any race cars and do you have any his race photos to shared with forum members and guests?
Thank you very much for any information and photos given.
Dennis Garrett
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The following information on Dwight Clock's death and funeral was given by his sister, Carol Olive.
#1 Date of death was 9/03/2008
Birth date 8/17/1948 Location Bay Shore, NY. USA
#2 Location of death was in his house
Cause of death was his heart
#3 Yes, he was cremated
#4 Date of burial will be 10/10/2008 at Calverton, NY. USA at 2pm
#5 I don't have any recent pictures but will see if my brother Russ has any.
Please feel free to post this information on any site. If anyone has any questions on the service they can contact me, Carol Olive at 239-634-6857.

10-08-2008, 12:20 AM
Photo link of Dwight Clock

The following photo of Dwight Clock was posted here by itsanonwingthing. I forgot I took this photo of Dwight Clock at the ORP PRA race last year. He was involved with the PRA somehow, and would always contact Jason or Jason with questions brought up by IOW'ers, about upcoming PRA races.


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