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01-09-2009, 06:16 PM
nes will be having 4 demo and enduros the dates are 4/26, 6/28, 8/30, and
10/25. on the 10/25 date is our championship if you won a feature anywhere
you can go right to the feature and not run a heat, for more info email
slim1972@msn.com thank you

01-09-2009, 06:24 PM
And just to add that the track is being widened and shortened plus banking will be added to turn 1 and 2.

The dog leg will be gone so it will be a true oval and very fast!

01-16-2009, 09:53 AM
can you post a copy of the rules?

01-17-2009, 02:27 PM
§ 13:62-9.1 Demolition derby vehicles
(a) In a demolition derby event, any stock, American made, hardtop automobile may be used. Except Imperials
(b) In a demolition derby event, jeeps, carryalls, station wagons, ambulances, and other vehicles utilizing a truck chassis are not permitted. American made stock, hardtop vehicles with 104 min wheelbase
(c) All glass, including rear windows, headlights, tail lights, and parking lights, must be removed with the exception of the windshield. If the windshield is removed it must be replaced with heavy mesh screening with a center post or plexiglass.
(d) All chrome strips must be removed from a participating vehicle.
(e) Gas tanks may be moved to a different position within the driving compartment. Tanks relocated into the driver compartment must be placed in the vehicle where the back seat normally would be located, on the right side, behind the front passenger seat. All tanks shall be constructed of steel (22 gauge minimum) or aluminum (16 gauge minimum). Tanks shall be restricted to a maximum capacity of five gallons. Tanks shall be encased in a metal box that is bolted to the floor of the vehicle. The box shall have a metal lid that is fastened to the container. A metal fire wall must be between the driver and the gas tank.
(f) Fuel lines and pumps will not be allowed in the driving compartment.
(g) All doors must be securely fastened by either welding, metal strips or chains.
(h) Doors opening during an event will automatically disqualify that automobile.
(i) Batteries located within the driver compartment must have a suitable cover and be securely fastened.
(j) All vehicles must be equipped with a securely installed safety belt.
(k) Rear seats must be removed from a participating vehicle.
(1) No vehicle emitting heavy smoke will be allowed to participate. A vehicle discharging heavy smoke after an event has started must be disqualified.
(m) no reinforcing of frame, body or radiator support. No welding the car body to frame or body mounts.
(n) 2 chains and 2 bolts max to secure hood and trunk. Only bolt body panels together example: hood to fender not to frame and trunk lid to trunk floor pan not frame
(o) doors may be tac welding only not a bead of weld down the door jam
(p) no solid tires example tire in a tire or filled with any kind of sealant no studded snow tires, no truck tires only d.o.t. car tires, tubes ok tires will be checked
(q) cars must have working suspension no blocking or stiffening
Hoods and trunks must be opened for inspection no open no run
Final approval by tech inspector because it wasn’t listed above doesn’t make it legal any questions ask
No refunds if car fails tech and cannot be made to pass inspection
§ 13:62-9.2 Demolition derby participants
(a) Participants in a demolition derby event shall be 17 years of age or older.
(b) A participant must remain in the vehicle until the event has been completed.
(c) All drivers shall wear a properly secured helmet which meets or exceeds the Snell Memorial Foundation Testing Standard K, M or SA, incorporated herein by reference, as


may be amended or supplemented, which has not reached the expiration date established by the Snell Memorial Foundation at the time of the event. The standards are available from the Snell Memorial Foundation, 3628 Madison Avenue, Suite 11, North Highlands, CA 95660.
(d) All demolition derby participants shall wear a properly secured head and neck restraint device/system and/or a neck collar which are commercially-produced and designed for racing.
§ 13:62-9.3 Goggles or face shield
The driver of all vehicles not equipped with windshields shall wear windproof, of the type which meets or exceeds U.S.A. standard Specifications for Head, Eye and Respiratory Protection Z2.1-1959 testing standard.
§ 13:62-9.4 Clothing requirements
Drivers shall wear safety clothing to afford maximum protection to the driver according to industry standards. It is recommended that this clothing be of a fire retardant material

§ 13:62-9.9 Speed limits
All vehicles traveling in the pit area or staging area shall obey a five miles per hour speed limit

Name______________________________________________ ___________________________________

Address___________________________________________ _____________________________________

Phone #____________________________ car number or name ___________________________________

$ 25.00 per car if pre entered -$35.00 on event day
$ 25.00 per person to enter the pits

Only send entry fee make checks payable to:__B and F racing______________________________________

1 st demo heat starts at 1:00
All cars must be there by 11:00 for tech inspection

01-17-2009, 02:29 PM
rule changes
import cars with a min wheelbsae of 104 inches will be allowed
station wagons but must be uni body and after 1978 will be allowed

01-17-2009, 07:24 PM
thank you!!!!!