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04-27-2009, 05:18 PM
Kory Rabenold Racing
Slatington, PA

Date: April 27, 2009
For Immediate Release


That is what Kory Rabenold and the Rabenold Racing team is doing as of late. As we all know the economy has taken a downturn, which we all have felt in one way or another. Unfortunately, that downturn has put a damper on Kory Rabenold and the BW Motorsports Team running the entire 2009 ARCA RE/MAX Series schedule. Currently, if funding comes through, Kory Rabenold Racing (KRR) is hoping to compete in the Pocono ARCA 200 in June and the Pennsylvania 200 in August. However, even to be able to participate in those two shows on the ARCA schedule, the outlook is looking bleak. Rabenold Racing is scrambling to obtain sponsorship; so that Kory can continue show what he is capable behind the wheel of a stock car.

Even though the economy is down, things are looking up for Kory Rabenold Racing. Kory Rabenold and the KRR team are announcing a new partnership with Terry Zacharias and the Zacharias Motorsports family. The Zacharias family is well known in the Asphalt Modified community, and a perfect match for Kory and his talents. Due to not competing full-time on the ARCA Series, Kory contacted the Zacharias’s a week before the season opener at Mahoning Valley Speedway. Kory Rabenold Racing wanted to see if they would be interested in fielding an entry in the Mahoning Valley Speedway, 100 lap Poker series.

The partnership started out by Kory and Buzzy traveling to the Zacharias stable to pick up his ride, 3 days before the 1st 100 lap race. After a bit of work to the car, putting Kory’s seat in the car and adjusting the set-up, Kory was ready to go racing. In Kory’s first time in a modified, and first time back at MVS, in about two years, he timed 2nd quickest and started on the outside pole after the redraw and ended up finishing the race in 4th place. Terry Zacharias was impressed with his drivers run and has now agreed to working with KRR, for the remaining 4 races in the 100 lap Poker series. In addition, Kory Rabenold will be running in a Zacharias Modified at MVS on a weekly basis. After this week’s performance, Kory starting 15th and finishing 2nd in the feature leads in the championship points, but we know it is a long year to go.

Kory talks of his new car owner and the goals he has for this year, “One of my main goals this year is to win a 100 lapper at Mahoning Valley Speedway for Zacharias Racing. Also, I am focusing on running consistently at Mahoning on a weekly basis, I may not win them all, I may not win any, but consistent top 5’s and top 10’s is what I am hoping for. As well as finishing in the top 10 at Oswego Speedway.” Yes, that’s right Oswego Speedway, Terry Zacharias as well as Ken “Buzzy” Rabenold have intentions of entering Kory in some of the “big shows,” at that speedway and some others, possibly the King of the Mountain at Sundance Speedway, maybe even the North/South Shootout, only time will tell. Terry has commented, “Kory Rabenold is one of the smoothest drivers he has ever worked with.”

When asking Kory about how he feels about being one of Terry Zacharias’s drivers, here is what Kory has to say; “I'm excited to be one of Terry’s drivers this year. He is well known when it comes to modified racing and he has top-notch equipment. Terry and I get along very well, so, I think with his knowledge and his equipment we are going to win some races this year.” In having conversations with Terry Z., he feels similarly to what Kory has just stated. Terry’s main focus is staying positive and having fun. When you can do those two things at the racetrack, everything else just comes down to circumstance. Once you become negative and start talking negative, bad things will happen.

While many may think that going from an ARCA car to a modified is step backwards, Kory’s thoughts are the opposite, “I would rather be racing something, than racing nothing.” Kory is a true racer, whether it is a go cart, street stock, late model, modified or his ARCA ride, he will race it, he will race clean and most importantly, he will have fun doing it. Kory states, “I always enjoyed modified racing and I love to be in one here again, especially Zacharias equipment. When you get to the level of ARCA Racing you really have to be focused and professional, which I think for me as a driver at that level of racing really helped me out. I learned so much in the ARCA RE/MAX series and I believe I can translate that information into the modified series. Things like how to qualify better and car set-up, how the car reacts on different tires and so on. Don’t get me wrong I am not going to give up on my dream and goal, hopefully I can get a sponsor to continue racing at a higher level. By being in Zacharias Racing equipment and hopefully running some of the bigger shows and running up front, I am hoping that that exposure will help land the big marketing partner that I need.”

Kory Rabenold and KRR are grateful to Terry Zacharias and the Zacharias Motorsports family. KRR wants to represent his organization professionally and make sure that we are competitive on a weekly basis. Terry Zacharias is also a true racer, he works with his own kids in making sure that they have solid and competitive equipment and he is also willing to work with people like Kory Rabenold and KRR by providing them top notch/competitive equipment as well. For more on Kory Rabenold and KRR, go to www.rabenoldracing.com and you can also keep track of him on a weekly basis at Mahoning Valley Speedway.

If you are interested in being a marketing partner or interested in becoming a sponsor, go to www.rabenoldracing.com and learn about how we can work together. Or call 484-553-2048 and ask for Jared.