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05-28-2009, 08:11 AM
Kory Rabenold Racing
Slatington, PA

Date: 5/26/2009
For Immediate Release

KRR Survives to Earn a Top Five Finish

What’s that old saying, “if it weren’t for bad luck, there would be no luck at all?” It seems lately, that is the mantra for Kory Rabenold and the KRR team. After a week off from action, KRR and the rest of the teams that race at MVS were eager to get back on the track.

The KRR team started the day off by entering the gates at MVS under threatening skies to unload the #63, Zacharias Motorsports/Kory Rabenold Racing Modified for early practice. The goal was to get the car dialed back in after having to replace all of the front end parts after being involved in a wreck the week prior. After turning many laps on the speedway and making numerous changes and adjustments to the car, Kory was ready to go racing.

The night started by Kory being lined up in the 5th starting spot in his heat. At the drop of the green, Kory began making his way to the front and doing what he can to earn as many championship points as possible. The racing action in the qualifier would be intense and Kory found himself in the 3rd place spot at the drop of the checkers. When Kory returned to the pits, he commented that the car was real loose at the end of the run and he couldn’t take it to the high side like he would have liked to.

The KRR team made some additional adjustments and then bolted on a set of fresh tires and began preparing for the Modified Feature event. After a brief rain delay, teams began helping the MVS track crew by running some pace laps to dry the track. After about a 15 minute break, the competitors took to the track to begin the features. Kory would line up on the inside row in the 7th spot. Due to a blown engine during the pace laps, the sixth place starter would head to the pits, and Kory then would move to the outside row and his new starting position of 6th. The green flag fell and as what typically happens after a week off from competition, the competition took an aggressive approach and drivers began jockeying for position. Kory would hover around the top 5 for the first 10 laps or so. As the drivers are coming to the front stretch, Kory on the outside groove, another competitor attempted to make a three wide pass for position. That move would then push the car on the inside of the 63 machine up into Kory and therefore, Kory made hard contact with the outside wall on the front stretch. The contact brought the yellow out, due to a variety of machines spinning and making contact. Some fellow competitors had to leave the track with the assistance of the two truck. Kory found himself having to make a trip to the pits, the contact with the wall forced the right side rub rail back into the right rear tire. The KRR team attached a chain to the rail and pulled the rub rail back into position. We sent Kory back onto the track without going a lap down.

The night wouldn’t be over however, as they field took the green another competitor unfortunately blows an engine, as Kory avoids the spinning car, he makes light contact with another driver with his right front tire. After that, Kory was hanging on to the ill handling car to muster the best finish possible. As the checkers flew, Kory and the KRR team found themselves in the 5th position, and were able to earn some much needed championship points.

This week, Kory Rabenold and the KRR Team would like to thank a new marketing partner who has come on board and can be found on the top side of the quarter panels. Liquid Lightning Energy drink, “Energy for Life.” Go to www.llenergy.com to learn more about this company and try their products.

Lastly, we would like to congratulate Terry Zacharias, and the Zacharias Motorsports family on their solid weekend of Asphalt Modified racing. Ted Christopher won the Richie Evans Memorial in a Zacharias Motorsports entry and finished 3rd the next day at Dunn Tire Raceway Park. Terry’s son, Jim Zacharias finished in the 3rd place position on Saturday night at Sundance Speedway and 7th Sunday at DTRP, Terry’s other son, TJ Zacharias, finished 19th at DTRP. In addition on Saturday Terry’s brother, Chris Z, brought home a 12th place finish at Oswego.

For more on Kory Rabenold, KRR and our sponsors, go to www.rabenoldracing.com and you can also keep track of him on a weekly basis at Mahoning Valley Speedway.

If you are interested in being a marketing partner or interested in becoming a sponsor, go to www.rabenoldracing.com and learn about how we can work together. Or call 484-553-2048 and ask for Jared.