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06-07-2009, 03:39 PM
Modifieds are getting ready to time trial.
14 modifieds in attendance and when finished I will post the order.

06-07-2009, 04:16 PM
Time Trials have finished and the results are:

1. 1 Burt Myers 13.018
2. 79 Ronnie Silk
3. 17 Brain King
4. 4 Jason Myers
5. 36 LW Miller
6. 57 Jay Foley
7. 34 Josh Nichols
8. 79x Ted Christopher
9. 49 Scott Rigney
10. 59 David Cranmer
11. 0 Greg Butcher
12. 45 Gary Young Jr
13. 659 Danny Bohn
14. 12 Mike Norman

No redraw!!! Cars will start straight up from times.
Will post finish later this afternoon.....
Courtesy of the unknown caller....LOL

W. J.
06-07-2009, 08:18 PM
'courtesy of unknown caller'

What, you don't have caller ID. You've got just about every other electronic communication gadget! :lol:

06-07-2009, 09:00 PM
#17 Brain King wins the Kenny Minter Memorial ASA SMRT Modified Race Tour 125 at Franklin County.
Full finish to come shortly...

06-07-2009, 09:34 PM
Time of race: 52.14 minutes


1. 17 Brain King
2. 1 Burt Myers
3. 659 Danny Bohn
4. 49 Scott Rigney
5. 4 Jason Myers
6. 0 Greg Butcher
7. 12 Mike Norman
8. 79x Ted Christopher
9. 79 Ronnie Silk
10. 34 Josh Nichols
11. 36 LW Miller
12. 59 David Cranmer
13. 57 Jay Foley
14. 45 Gary Young Jr

06-07-2009, 09:37 PM
Was there a good crowd there today .??

It was a real good day for the race today..

06-07-2009, 11:12 PM
The "unknown caller" is Richie bustin' me 'cause my cell didn't work and I had to borrow a cell phone that had service.

Beautiful day for a race, but, the race was one of those crazy ones. TC and Ronnie had great cars and might have won - TC did lead quite a while. Brain King did an awesome job, coming from the back, at least twice. Congrats to him and his team. Have plenty of photos for the galleries but it may be a while before they are up.

Great southern hospitality from Whitey Taylor at the track, Randy Myers and his ASA crew and Kenny Lang with the late models, thanks go to them. Good to see TCHers jfp711, Charli, Corey17, Go ModsGo, Ground Pounder, Sandra, and I'll bet I've forgotten some. It was a long, but fun day.

Leave here early in the AM for the test at Bristol Monday and then to Mississippi to visit family.

06-08-2009, 12:24 PM
This race sucked. Sorry to be blunt, but it sucked.

(added because I forgot this one, which is why King had to come from the back) TC hit King so hard that King ran into Silk and they both spun. TC kept his second place spot.

Ronnie Silk slows, acts as if he is going to pit, stops on the high side of turns three and four, waits for the cautions, rolls into the pits and we WAIT for him for about 15 cautions laps. That's crap!!!!!!!!!!

Then the green flag blows out of the flag stand, no biggie, throw the yellow, get the flag off the track, double them up and go green. NOPE, we have to sit through another 15 caution laps for what?????????? Oh yeah, one car wouldn't line up, so then they throw the red, stop the cars and line them up.

Then Teddy jumps an early green flag, they let it go, on another restart he jumps the start and just about puts Burt in the wall.... BUT then on a restart on lap 113 or so, they decided that Teddy's jump was TOO much and black flagged him for three laps. Caution, Teddy pits, come out in about 6th or so, and on the restart takes out the 34. WTH???? Wasn't he blackflagged for three laps? what was he doing out there?

Oh well.... it will be the last ASA race I go to. Sorry folks, but you stunk up the show. Far too slow to line up 11 cars. Favoritism was clearly evident. And to DRAG a piss poor show in like you did was a poor business choice. Several cars were destroyed due to NOT penalizing the bullies. I guess when drivers KNOW they can get away driving without brains, they do it.

06-08-2009, 05:41 PM
I don't think they were counting caution laps. (125 green flag laps) And I don't think the Hill's cars got any favorable treatment. Ask them about the Orange County race.

06-09-2009, 08:34 PM
Granted, the caution laps were a bit much, but after the race I found out it was not the towers fault completely, some teams were to blame. The race itself was very good from where I was watching. Tc and Burt had one heck of a battle, and LW, Rigney and Nichols were going at it tooth and nail back from the front. TC was in rare form, after sunday's race i'm now very sure, he would stuff his mother in the wall for a win. It's not a bad thing, I love a guy who thinks no less than 1st is an absolute failure. I failed to see any favortism shown, don't know who you are refering to.

Was a great pleasure to meet Howie and Mary, Mary told me a great story about meeting JD Gibbs 15 years ago, and how to this day he wished he had taken her advice. Very nice people they both are, it was a pleasure.