View Full Version : Stolen Truck, Trailer, and Legends Equipment in NC

04-25-2010, 12:56 PM
A fellow Legends racer has reported a stolen truck and trailer full of Legends equipment. They were taken from the Comfort Inn Suites in Concord, North Carolina Friday night.

This is from John Turnbull:

Thanks to many of our Legends Customers and Legends friends for all of the phone
calls, emails and general well wishes.
Please keep an eye on your local Craig's list, Ebay or any other site that the
thieves may try to use to fence the Legends Cars parts, chassis and motor.

Aside from the 2006 Ford F-250 (Black) and the 2010 Team Spirit Trailer (White
w/V-Nose)The following Big Items were in the trailer:
(1) Blitz 4 Engine Fully Loaded
(1) Legend Chassis Painted Grey with Standard White Interior Sheet Metal
(1) Legend Chassis Unpainted with Black Sheet metal and a 34 Ford Body mounted
on it.
(30) Federal Tires
Numerous Black Bassett Wheels
Numerous Chrome Wheels

If you have any information that might help to recover these items please
contact the Concord, NC Police at (704)920-6000

Thank you again for your support

John Turnbull Sr.
Michigan Legends Cars, Inc.