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05-27-2010, 08:11 PM
May 27, 2010

P.A.L. Legends tire rule opened up at Sundance Vacations Speedway

With Hoosier race tire backing the Pennsylvania Asphalt Legends "Outlaw" division at Sundance Vacations Speedway for 2010, race teams that have had the opportunity to compete on the Hoosier race tire continue to rave about it. The 790 treaded tire is already showing it is both durable and reliable, but most importantly, is the fact that a set of four will cost race teams less than other "Spec" Legends car tires. Additionally, tire shaving has become the norm for Legends teams hoping to gain an edge on the competition. However, the Hoosier bias-ply 790 is fast...without the added expense and need for "camber cutting" of the current Legends radial tires.

"We want race teams to come and see how great the competition is at S.V.S., so we have opened up the tire rule to allow any treaded tire on the P.A.L. Legends, and invite all Legends teams to come and race. We will allow all tires that the Legends cars are required to run on the national tour. But, we will continue to offer the Hoosier 790 track tire to all race teams." stated Promoter Joe Callavini.

The P.A.L. Legends "Outlaw" division will be on the racing card this Sunday, May 30 at Sundance Vacations Speedway. For more info and rules, visit www.sundancevacationsspeedway.com or call the speedway at (570)788-7544.