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09-13-2010, 12:07 PM
I would like to thank everyone who has help me through this season. First I have to thank First Class Video Productions for all their support they have given me during my racing career starting in go-karts and following along to the legends division. Next my Mom and Dad for never giving up and always telling me to keep my head up. Ken Topping came on board at the end of last year and has played a major role in the success we are having. If it was not for ken, I would of ended this season a long time ago. He never gave up and was always trying to figure out how to make the car faster and handle better. Ken aslo turned Byrne Motorsports into a full race shop by making me buy all the set up tools needed. Ken has spend numerous hours in the garage tweeking the car making sure it was ready to race. He was in the garage more then I was. I owe a lot of my success to him. Russell Skippon has been with me from the beginning and always is there to lend a hand. He has painted the car and has fixed numerous things i have bent/broke. I also gotta thank Dave Brigati and everyone at OUTLAW INC. Those guys thought me how to race and win in go-karts and still offer me advice when needed. Kevin Nowak has been a huge help. He has offered advice on set up and help me get my first top 5 at bethel.. Kevin thought us so much about set up and how even the tiniest things are so important to going fast. I can not thank these people enough.