View Full Version : Shangri-La 2 Fall Fling Final this SUNDAY!

Rowdy Rules 51
10-18-2010, 12:47 PM
Yes you read that right. Although there is a twist to it. Chris Zacharias has leased the track for this coming weekend and will be promoting races this sunday with an open practice on Saturday with a pit party following (if you remember the pit parties we had at the old track you are not gonna wanna miss the party). Classes will be limited as funding will dictate the following classes:
Sport mods Twin 35 lappers paying $750 to win each Plus trophy per race PLUS BK Nalepa Well Drilling Overall $200 BONUS
Street/Super stocks twin 25 paying $500 to win each Plus trophy per race
Legends 25 laps $300 Plus trophy per race.

Street/Supers is shang 2 weekly and roc rules.
Legends are INEX rules
Sport mods are Home track rules (Weights will be adjusted to even playing field)

*Open practice is Saturday 12-6 $15per person
*Sunday Pit admission is $35
General Admission is $12 with discounts for kids and seinors. For more information call me at 607-343-7446 for rules call 607-659-5997