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04-05-2005, 04:15 PM
Billy, I deleted the post for the title above. I only expressed my opinion, like everyone seems to do on here, and I always seem to pi$$ you off. I was only stating on here what it looked like from the grandstands. I would not tech from grandstands, nor would I say Craig was doing a BAD job. If you read the post, I said I wish there was a way to tech to make sure they were stock year make and model. I support the series and hope the success continues. I have no choice right now, and I wish I could be out there. Billy, I won my share of races, so I have no need to show what I'm worth. I paid my $7.00 to go into grandstands and watch the race and witnessed a spanking by the #41. If you say he's legal, CONGRATS TO HIM. jcenduro#29

2j Late Model
04-05-2005, 04:53 PM
Hey Billy,

Like Jcenduro said, I also did not post that on here to piss you or anyone off. I meant to ask a question, but after I reread it TODAY, it wasn't a question. I think your series is great, and you run the series as fair as you can. I could care less if the cars are legal or not legal. If you're NUTS enough to go out there and run with a hundred different cars, that is legal to me. When I buy a car for someone to run, it's just to have a good time, not to win. If a win would come around, great; if not, they had a blast. To make a long story short, we have another car that is not worth running as a thriller, but it has a full cage. A stronger front and rear end. What I was asking (yesterday) is if that car would be able to be used since I saw it in the past. I was not bashing your series, you know me better that. I don't step on anyone's toes, unless I can stand behind it. Once again, I'm sorry if I pi$$ed anyone off. If you would like Billy, give me a call later. :( :*-( :( :*-(

Jason 2j

04-05-2005, 07:51 PM
I un-deleted your post...and I did read it. You're saying that "It was only to find a way to get better tech for year, make and model" was only a part of it. And yes, you do pi$$ me off...the only time you ever post about NEETS is to say there are race cars out there or say someone is cheating, and I am letting it go. I have all your posts in archive. Here is your original post in part about the cheating;
"As I was standing there getting soaked, I was watching the large car enduro and I noticed that there were a couple cars out there that I thought were far from stock. I know the #25 black metric Monte Carlo, that came with a 305 4bbl at best. How does that out run a Camaro/Firebird? with a 350 4bbl. I know the #25 was a DQ for another infraction, but that had more than a 305 in it. Next was the #177. I don't know who was driving it, but next time someone should tell him to pull the street stock motor out and keep it stock. Last but not least, the#41. Joe Jentile. I know Joe and have raced with Joe for years and he is a great competitor. I do believe Joe comes to the track prepared, and is always there at the end. As I watched Joe lap after lap, he was flying past cars that I felt were running decent. I think there should be a way to tech these cars to make sure they are stock, year, make and model. If stock is what you want, you had more than that yesterday".

Now I read that as more than looking for better tech and so did others by the way they replied.
And as far as you winning races...sure you did...so did I, but let's see how hard it is against 80, 90, or 100 other cars....not 20. Hence, prove the worth statement.
My post was not totally pointed at you, but it seems as if you always take it that way. There were a few that jumped on your bandwagon.
If ya don't wanna get jumped on...don't push the buttons. I will always defend my series and my drivers if they are right.

04-05-2005, 09:23 PM
Whatever Billy. I'm not scared at car counts, I've run with big car counts. I have and will run again, with big car counts. You always get bent when someone talks about something with NEETS, when in fact, I was talking about the race cars on the track. I was not saying NEETS sucks and blaH, blaH, blaH. Where in my post did I say That? You will get some flak on the forum sometimes. I'm sorry I expressed myself. jcenduro