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04-26-2005, 08:54 PM
2 things here. First You want to have some real fun??? Come check out or try racing at Pagoda!!! It's a BLAST!!!! Basically, it's a MUDenduro!!! or a Demoduro. If ya want more info, contact Mark Paine, he runs the show. And second, check it out, MVS management and Billly B are finally working together!!!!!!!!! TheY'rE running enduro's at MVS this season :) 200 lappers for both big and small cars. First one's coming soon. Check out their web site for more info. www.mahoningspeedway.com Hope to see yOU there at both of 'em. I'll be there and will definItely see yOU on Memorial Day. Winky417---Maddawg