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07-31-2005, 10:50 PM
WOW! What a great weekend. Kudos to everyone involved, you really made it happen. I couldn't possibly list everyone who deserves thanks without leaving someone out, so...THANKS!

If you weren't there, Test & Tune ran smoothly, the party rocked, Checkered Dreams put a smile on a lot of faces and the racing was top notch.

07-31-2005, 11:01 PM
Everything was great last night with test and tune and then the pre race party it was great watching everyone compete against each other. The race was a lot more fun and more competitive with 50 or so cars. I recommend that everyone comes to the next test & tune and pre race party, you're sure to laugh you socks off. :applause:

07-31-2005, 11:27 PM
Well, another great day of NEETS racing action! I’ll try to make this short & sweet think Bob said it all..thank you! :)

Thanks to all the drivers, crews & fans who contributed to Checkered Dreams in any way, shape or form. By the looks of it, Kayla and Aaron had a great time, and both talked about coming back to Mountain Speedway in the future. Also, thanks to everyone who contributed items from Saturday night’s party, Richard Petey for the food (promise I won’t tell, LOL), Howie & Cindy Bott for the photo albums, cameras & the cake, Barbush Racing, along with Mac Brothers Racing for the blankets, Paine Racing for the free Mickey Dee's coupons, Dr. D and Marissa for the car rides (Marissa finished the race!) and especially to all the drivers who signed autographs and spent time with the kids. I’m know there’s many more we’re forgetting…you know who you are, thanks!

Hey, sorry about the #1 being scored as Racin Rich Johnson (but since it showed on the sheets, who was it then?), and can’t forget to say congrats to Ray and Pat for some great racing! :applause:

Despite returning work on Monday, Sunday was a lot of fun! :-B

08-01-2005, 02:55 AM
WOW! That is the only expression that I can say that could explain the pre-party event! With my hair appointment running late and my need for relaxation, I showed up at around 9:20pm. The party was in full bloom. The first in my sights was Billy (go figure), who immediately convinced me to sign up for the "contests". I managed to finally meet some of my fellow posters in minutes of being there....Lisa, Mark Paine, Marissa, Uncle Petey, Will and SOOOOO many more (being drunk prohibits your ability to remember things such as names) ...and well, I saw camera Joe (hard to miss the flash and the guy taking pictures every which way you turn), didn't actually speak to him until sometime later on in the evening, but still an awesome person! Of course my highlight of the evening was seeing Mr. Bobby Pease at the party! :applause: I was in my glory, and even more so when Billy let him know who I was, so I could FINALLY give Bobby a hug from his # 1 fan. The contests were something that I will keep in my mind forever and ever (lord knows I can not look at some people the same way, but all is well in good fun). For as bold as it was, the Banana eating contest was funny as sin, poor Lisa. I found it easy to slop around in whip cream to find the cherry to help my team capture a win for that event. I am kind of disturbed that my teammate, Bob, had swallowed a hot dog whole, and I am still confused on how he managed to suck that popsicle clean off the stick. I couldn't help but to continue my laughs into Sunday with the thoughts of the "Human Race". Still wondering how Art fit into Erin's pants. Congrats to the PA thrillers (April, Kevin, Marissa, and Jason) who captured the trophy, as well as Woot (unfortunately I wasn't able to obtain the names of the rest of his group) and his crew for adding additional entertainment for the evening. The moon over the mountain was HILARIOUS. I can never look at that clean-up truck the same way ever again! As all came to a close, a majority of the people found their way to their sleeping environments, conversations still remained. Mike Rodriguez had amused us with entertaing conversation. Does anyone remember who it was that rolled in around 4am? All I can remember was that the one guy was a Pirates fan....hmmmm. :confused: Somewhere around 4:30am I made a road trip to my house to obtain some clothing for the following day and made it back to the track to share one last drink with then 5 still standing. Congrats to Marissa, Jason, Will, Joe, and Mike Rodriguez for being hardcore troopers (I saw all of you during the race, did any of you sleep at all???). Around 6am, I finally went to turn in after I finished my last beer. Unfortunately, my idea of running to McDonalds at 8:30am (found it hard to sleep in a hot car) ended up with me also stopping at my house, where I fell asleep :( I managed to sleep through my alarm clock and my cell phone reminder. I did not wake up until 1:40pm!!! :( A quick clean up and a fast drive on the interstate got me to see more than 3/4 of the 4cyl enduro. I missed Bobby getting clipped by the truck, (Bobby you seem to know me better than you display; had I been there in time to see this and if you got hurt, I agree that I would have been on the track to make sure you were ok, tee hee hee). I watched the entire 6/8 cyl class. Everyone ran great and pleased the crowd. Awesome job, Marissa, for beating the guys, and yes for finishing the race!!!!

Finally, I would like to thank EVERYONE who helped with the pre-party and the enduro as well. Lisa and Joe had made it a point to go out of their way to make this pre-party event run smoothly, and it did. All the food and beverages were yummy. FANTASTIC JOB!!! I had the TIME of my life and already have the weekend reserved for the next one. You all were great people to spend the evening with, my cheeks and stomach still hurt from laughing so much. Last, but not least, I want to thank my team for adding to my fun. I had the goofiest team (not offending in any way, because you need goofiness to compete in these events) Art, Bob, Erin (my baby sis). Also Lisa and Jeff, who were our additional cheerleaders. If I have any advice to anyone considering participation for the next one, DO NOT enter a beer drinking contest with guys who can drink cans of beer in 2 gulps, suck nice and easy (even if the object is cold, being rough can break it and automatically dq you), swallowing is a necessity (even if it is a foot long), to bare your a$$ is entertainment, last but not least, at these events, you can not stop and regret what you are doing, because there is ALWAYS (unless you are in a banana eating contest) a person next to you doing the same thing!! Hahaa...I tried to make my rounds to meet everyone, but that isn't easy to do with as many people as there were.

08-01-2005, 07:14 AM
Congrats BOB on a well deserved Top 10 finish. You earned it! :wave:

08-01-2005, 11:14 AM
WOW, you guys are fast!!! I sat last night to type my "Thank You's" and even the parts of me I didn't know I had were EXHAUSTED (and burnt :lol: ).

I, too, thank everyone that Geno named above for their contributions...
Cindy, they REALLY loved your cake, even Kayla's mom, who although not a cake eater, ate 3 pieces :lol: . And once again, the photo albums were awesome....

Marissa, I don't think those girls will ever again see M & M's without thinking of you, you really made an impression on lots of young girls ....Thanks!

Of course, we have to thank Billy and Joe, without whom it would have not taken place....but the fact that both families have expressed an interest in coming and watching Jackie and the other regular Friday night drivers that they met race, says a lot for the caliber of people at our track. :applause: :applause: :applause: All the teams were so supportive and made the kids feel very at ease!

Thanks, too, to my board members and other volunteers... Could not have done it without them....

Thanks to to all the fans and teams that purchased raffle tickets!

I hope to have another event Oct. 8th

Checkered Dreams

Racing Rebel
08-01-2005, 01:18 PM
I had the absolute best time of my life!! :applause: I wasn't nervous, even the least bit. With April next to me, telling me where everyone was, it ran very smoothly and I think the M&M's melting :-B off the sides of the car made the track sticky and the car stuck to the track like glue. I know of people that ran enduro's after enduro's and never finished, but on my first try--- I was beyond "Thrilled". :applause: :applause: I have to tell you guys that didn't attend the Happy Hour and Pit Party, first off, if WE didn't attend Happy Hour, we wouldn't have finished 10 laps. Forget :wave: about the 70 some we did. A hose came off during happy hour, and we found it and I got lessons on how to cool the car during red flags, so it really helped. Do yourselves a favor, and if you are serious about running an enduro----RUN THE HAPPY HOUR!!! Secondly, the infamous PIT PARTY. All I can say is, I know Kevin (and Jason) almost 9 years and I WILL NEVER LOOK AT HIM THE SAME WAY AGAIN!!!! I think someone put it in very good words, Kevin made the state of Hawaii look like the an entire map of the United States!!!! Oh, and did I forget about him and Jason sucking popsicles like their lives depended on it. I guess I now know why April and I put up with all the headaches!!! :rolleyes: We all had a blast. Unfortunately, Kevin in the 830, and April's dad Charlie in the 705, didn't finish, due to cars and walls jumping out in front of them, but we all had fun. Thank you EVERYONE for EVERYTHING. Even you Matt, for waving to April & I during the race. :wave: :wave: As for Joe C, the photo guy :eek: , just remember what paybacks are!!!!! Think very clearly about what you are doing before you do anything with ANY of you pictures. Even the one's in the kitchen!!!!!! Oh, and Thanks Uncle Petty for the push after the race. I can't wait until the next race!!!!!!! Enduro race, that is!!! :applause: :applause: