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08-01-2005, 02:25 PM
I have to say that yesterday's event seemed to be a huge success! :applause: The kids seemed to be at an age where they really took in everything and there are so many people to thank :)

Of course we have to thank Billy and Joe, without whom it would have not taken place....but the fact that both families have expressed an interest in coming and watching Jackie and the other regular Friday night drivers that they've met race, says a lot for the caliber of people at our track. All the teams were so supportive and made the kids feel very at ease!

Cindy, they REALLY loved your cake, even Kayla's mom, who although not a cake eater, ate 3 pieces . And once again the photo albums were awesome....

Marissa, I don't think those girls will ever again see M & M's without thinking of you, you really made an impression on lots of young girls ....Thanks!
Thanks, too, to the whole MacBrothers team.

To Barbush racing for the blanket for Aaron, I'm sorry you couldn't be there to give it to him yourself.

To Paine racing for the coupons, plaques and general support.

To all the photographers who are helping out with pictures...goodness knows we need all the help we can get in that category :-B

To all the teams that donated the left overs from the party the night before, Thanks a bunch, that was very helpful ( I had to send the families home with rolls!)

To all the fans, staff, and teams that supported the raffles. Remember if you are interested in the auction raffles, they can be purchased through the website at www.jackie88racing.com and click on the fireman's helmet.

Thanks, too, to my board members and other volunteers... Could not have done it without them....

To Geno and his family for the trophies, the advertising, picking up the food, interviewing the kids and making them feel comfortable... and for anything I may have forgotten..........Thanks

To the person that fed us...............(I WON'T tell :lol: )

To the teams that gave the kids gifts that I don't know about individually, Thank you.

Oh yeah, and Billy for the used helmets........whew, now we have some for the next event!

As always, if you know a child that might like to receive an event from us, please let me know. And keep us in mind for your used helmets, the kids really love that part.

Anyone I may have forgotten, I am sorry. :*-(

I hope to have another event Oct. 8th

Checkered Dreams
and Team 88