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08-15-2005, 09:54 PM
I got a couple of things to say publicly:

1) I want to apologize for misintrepreting what you said, as you seemed to be hinting at the Top 5 results rather than the time of the posts. It was a little unclear and I'm sorry for the misintrepreting it.

2) I want to apologize on behalf of my staff, as they followed my intrepretation and they stuck up for themselves. With my volunteer staff, I support them 100% and like it was said, it is a thankless job. However, they followed my lead, and I misled them, so I should be to blame for their outbursts.

3) I am sorry for my delayed response. After a busy day at my day job and starting to move into a new apartment, I did not get back until 9PM. I am sorry for the delay as well.

4) Back to the original "intent" of the post. I make no exceptions to the 12 noon rule. I play no favorites. I don't care if you are Joe Nobody or the multi-million dollar sponsor of the Jam, you all deserve the same treatment.

5) If you ever have a problem with LongIslandJam.com, please e-mail me first or call me (you've got my number). I do not hide. This way, we can avoid further confusion in the future.

I hope everyone involved understands.


08-15-2005, 10:25 PM
Upon my reading, viewing and looking at the thread in question, I see exactly what JA posted above .
#1 Golf guy was upset about getting his picks in late and getting DQ'D , which is understandable if your in contention and you do not want to miss a week,
#2 Golf guy did start a separate thread which did not bring or lead into the reason for the stated comments he made about the JAM and it's people.
#3 Ja as agreed in his statement above assumed that Golf Guy was refering to untimely posting results of the pick 5. I think the reason being is that as a webmaster /business owners priorities are ..that JA does care about what people/ customers/ sponsors expect in the way of dealines and results.
4,5,6,7,8,9 etc etc is all over reacting to a wrong reply.
Golf Guy like I said is a fun , happy, generous guy and believe me the way everyone replied and got all hot under the collar ... there is a good posibility that you all do not know Golf Guy as well as I know him.
I remember telling walter that i was upset that i missed the time last year and I had to deal with it ..
So Golf Guy should acknowledge where he did not explain why he was upset,
JA already put his Heart on his sleeve (and a Good explaination at that ) and ....
by all means I apologize for any reply that I did refering to the botom line which is OVER REACTING TO A MISINTERPREDED REPLY

PS keep up the good work volunteers . GREAT JOB..

ALSO... dopey24 had a dq'd pick 5 post up 8 minutes before golf guy and it was there in clear site, so .. ahhh never mind I was just stirring up the brew(BUD)....No pun intended Golf Guy ... hey are you going to the world series this year ?

The Bullfather
08-16-2005, 05:03 PM
The only place I followed J.A. was into Best Buy! :lol: :p

08-16-2005, 08:07 PM
The only place I followed J.A. was into Best Buy! lol :p
For a non focusing , broken thing!!!! 'sorry, forgot the' LOL

08-16-2005, 10:00 PM
Doh! I'm not perfect... Okay this is quickly becoming the pick on JA thread. It's ok, I deserve it. Bring it on!

Golf Guy
08-16-2005, 11:47 PM
You know what JA, no you do not deserve it. No one does. I know I sent you a email, writing I would not participate with any further posts on the Jam, but... I really believe if everyone would stop and take a deep breath each day, and try to see things from the other persons perspective, we would be much better off. I really like this web site and I hope everyone enjoys what should be an exciting last few weeks of racing. Remember, there are much bigger things in life than the immediate- you just have to look past it.

08-17-2005, 07:08 AM
Golf Guy,

There's a philosophy we can agree on.

"I really believe if everyone would stop and take a deep breath each day and try to see things from the other persons perspective we would be much better off."

That should be the forums motto. You're a genius! *bows down* LOL

I also just need to take a deep breath. Been a long week.

08-17-2005, 07:41 AM
And on that note, this post is closed.

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