View Full Version : TRUX....its simple!!

Bobby Pease
10-09-2005, 11:18 PM
Here are a few basic rules... I run my s10 at riverhead and these are the rules trux are going to follow.....

Stock! motor.....
No Stagger....all same size tires and rims...
Must have Muffler
Rub rails are OK!
Stock Bumpers and Tail gate..
2 degrees of camber..
7 inch Min ride height
7 inch Max tire width..Not 7 1/8
Rears may be locked/welded or posi..
No Offset rims or racing rims...Stock!
any 4 or 6 cyl will do...
Follow these rules and you can run at Riverhead as well ...

Good Luck..
You can email me with Questions...
Bobby Pease # 20 TRUX!! :wave: