View Full Version : "MUTHA TRUCKERS"

10-15-2005, 07:55 AM
The registration is open now for the 4/6 cyl TRUX event being held on Nov 19 during the MUTHA Championship weekend. You may visit the TRUX page at http://www.neetstour.net/NEETS05truxpage.htm for more info. You can sign up from the link on my homepage http://www.neetstour.net/main.htm or email me directly from here billyb@neetstour.net with your name, truck number requested, hometrack or hometown or you can call me at 570-881-9591 after 6:30pm weekdays.

(The registration for the 4 and 6/8 cyl cars will be open on Oct 30th after the Frankenduro event).