View Full Version : The race, the party...and the hangover!

10-30-2005, 07:22 PM
Wow! That is the only word to described the festivities. The weather was a typical NEETS type of weather, except this time it didn't rain, just VERY chilly. The first event that took place, was the little kiddies costume parade. How adorable they all were. Even Lisa was dressed up at the track, she was the queen of fire, also known as the Horny devil.

The 60+ 4 cyl took to the green flag first. For the most part it went pretty smooth. Several cars were racing very tight for many laps. Pete Verwys, Robin V. (I am not even going to attempt spelling the last name because I know I will butcher it), Bobby Pease, Jimmy White, Steve Elliston. They all looked very fast, unfortunately Pete V. and Woot were eliminated due to a racing incident :( Thanks to everyone again for the entertainment. Congrats to Jimmy White for lasting 131 laps and winning the 4cyl Frankenduro.

When the big bumper cars, I mean the 8 cyl came out, they showed exactly what happens when you put 73 cars on the track at the same time to race. Tires flying, cars slaming into each other, radiators busting, exhaust pipes all over. It was great!! Even Uncle Petey showed what it was like if his #43 was a double decker bus. It wasn't pretty and having that big car on top of his actually took a piece off the roof, dented the side. April and Marissa took a nasty hit in turn one. Luckily they are ok, because it was one nasty hit. In the end the 16x won the 8 cyl Frankenduro. Again, congrats to everyone!!

The racing being over it left one more event for the evening. The Adult Costume post race party! DJ Neets got the party started with some tunes as the people started piling in. Where do I begin with the costumes? From Little Bo Peep to a whoopie cushion to a plug and socket to Hulk Hogan to a Slim Jim to Photo Joe being Brittany and many many more. My intoxication level was pretty high. I felt absolutely HORRIBLE this morning when I finally climbed out of bed. Too many shots...too many beers, but I had a fantastic time. Finally got to meet Rich johnson and several others. Thank you Billy for yet another good time. :applause: :applause: