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11-20-2005, 09:40 PM
In my life time I have only ever once seen a car "almost" get crushed in a "car crusher" and that was in a movie. I was SOOO excited to see a car get crushed to a foot high. I know it takes the smallest things to amuse me. With the tempatures dropping, the stands filling up, the 4 cylinders were first to run their 150 lap, lil mutha! Crashing, banging, tires blowing, cars crunching, motors going, liquid oozing...probably one of the best events this year. Congrats to Harry for taking on another win and waving bye bye as he pushed the leaver to crush his car. Woot pulled off another good top 5 finish. My buddies Art and Bob Kulik also finished the race this time! Good job guys. Today wasn't as lucky of a day for some of my other favorites. Bobby Pease for the first time in a long time, did NOT finish in the top 5 (grrr), Jen White showed lots of promise until slamming the 34x into the front stretch guardrail and then got clobbered by an on coming car, Jimmy White Jr also showed A LOT of promise until loosing his right rear tire with just laps to go, steve elliston had a fast little 472 until he too was collected in an incident that he will definitely feel tomorrow and probably the next day.

38 degrees and dropping, the 4 cylinders were rounded off the track and the transponder switch was made, we welcomed all of those big 6/8 cylinder cars to the track. The anti freeze was flying, which made the surface as slick as ice, they made it 4 laps before the red was flying for a major pile up on the front stretch. One by one, two by two, the cars were eliminating themselves from the race, some more crashing and banging, slipping and sliding, piling on top of each other. Some incidents required some of you top runners to pit such as Uncle Petey (he managed to get back out there and finish the car) Pete Verwys (he didn't return :( ), and Rich Johnson. Howie Bott in the "I DON'T KNOW" #75 cruised along with the pack, weaving in and out trying to keep himself in one piece. Ray Fitzgerald proved once again he is the man to beat. With the front stretch wall showing its weakness, the damage being a long process to repair. They called the race at 151 laps. The safety of the drivers and fans always comes first, so a good call made amongst management. The track cleared and the crushing began! The sound of the hydralic motor, the pop of the tires (on the 61, Ray took his tires), crunch...and it was a foot high. The 16x and 61 were layed to rest. Congrats to EVERYONE on their race today, as well as the entire year!

Awesome job to everyone who did the party for Billy on Saturday. The place looked nice, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Well from what I saw of it atleast. I didn't make an appearance on Saturday's race due to being ill :-( Congrats Bobby on the NEETS first ever TRUX race. :wave: :applause: :applause: :applause:

11-21-2005, 08:09 AM
Was a really great weekend. Had a blast. Just wish there wasn't so much carnage out on the track in both races. Someone could have really gotten hurt. Maybe we could have a DEMO after the ENDURO for those that want to wreck cars and for those that like to see cars wrecked.


spier racing 93
11-21-2005, 02:54 PM
Billy tried the demo "thing" and said there wasn't enough interest so he canned it.

Rich Johnson
11-21-2005, 07:20 PM
I think Cindy was pointing out the fact that real racers don't like wrecking...
People who like to go out and wreck cars should run demo.
From where I was sitting (behind the wheel) I saw more "overdriving" and lack of experience than intential wrecking. I accept this as part of the territory with running enduro. It's just that I have been in many NEETS races that were cleaner and that is where I run my best. I still had a good time and I will return...
As far as the "Demo thing" as you call it...Demos bring in some of the biggest crowds Riverhead Raceway sees. I like watching Demos and I like the people involved...I just don't like being IN one.