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12-11-2005, 03:28 AM
The 2005 season has come to an end. The last event being the Neets Awards banquet was just the way to end a fantastic season. The cold air, the ice and snow that fell a mere 48 hours prior didn't stop the 144 dedicated enduro family members. The room was decorated with Yellow, Silver, and Black balloons and decorations that only added to the excitement. Bobby Pease in a cowboy hat? Was I dreaming? :drool:

The cocktail hour, which lasted approximately an hour and a half, brought us to Billy giving the opening speech of the evening. Almost bringing a tear to some, the dinner was soon to follow. Pasta and meatballs, potatos, veggies, chicken, stuffing, salad, steak within a gravy sauce, mmmmm yummy! As we all devoured the food, the awards presentation began. The plaques, trophies and prizes were out of this world. The love and appreciation Billy provided everyone with was phenominal. It wasn't BS, it was straight from the heart. It doesn't get any better than this. I am out of words to express just how wonderful he is. Even with a few stories to add to his words of the evening, Billy still stayed within the time so no one was cut short on any open bar time.

The music started, the dance floor filled. The whole Bartley family showed their energetic side and danced the entire evening. All kinds of music played, from hip hop, to country, to the electric slide. Drinks continued being served at the bar, everyone mingled with each other. This was my very first NEETS event in which I was 100% sober, and I completely enjoyed myself. The party was so good that even Joe Callivini stayed the entire time. It is always good to see the entire Neets Family.

Can't wait til 2006!!! I have my hat, gloves, coat, boots, blanket, and additional layers of clothing ready for the Beaters with Heaters. :applause: :applause:

**Also look for my next attempt at getting these driver profiles for 2006 so people know a little bit more about who they are watching!!