View Full Version : 2005 pictures...sponsors?

01-03-2006, 01:34 PM
Hello everone! Happy New Year!

I should have made this public a little while ago, the 2005 season race photos will be priced lower than the more recent 2006 photos... I'm not going to wait until the day the new season kicks off, the new LOWER prices are now in effect. Also, there will be some set up changes made to my photo site as well, just to keep things in order so that list on the right doesn't get any longer!

*****This is more or less a Mountain Speedway RACER'S article from here on, but still may interest a few NEETS drivers.

Also, businesses and RACERS! A great way to get your name out there is to SPONSOR... If you are looking to make a sponsorship at the track, please contact either myself, joe@mountainspeedway.com, or Billy B, billyb@neetstour.net. And for the 2006 season, I will be looking some sponsorship deals FOR the photo booth. A great way to get publicity is to have an IN with the guy taking the pictures...hint, hint... I will be repainting the photo booth in the spring...if it is still standing after the winter, the snow hasn't hit yet! So if you would like to advertise ON or INSIDE the photo booth, please contact me and I'll give you some more info into what I can do for you.

Again, race crews are more than welcome to offer their crew shirts for sale, the crew must name the price. The photo booth will still be the host to the big wheel races and the 'Bike Night Giveaways', and don't forget the Mountain Madness headquarters. If you have any other suggestions regarding any of these events, please contact myself or Geno, gjtost@verizon.net.

Lastly, the photo booth would not be what it is today without the help of the racers... J-Mac gave us a floor to stand on, Frank Katona gave us drywall to hide the studs, Joan's sons did a great job painting the booth inside and out, and without help from Steve (Joan's husband), we would probably be standing lopsided if you didn't help us with that floor!

All in all...2005 was a great year, let's make 2006 even better.