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01-07-2006, 10:32 PM
I made it!! Only 2 hours late, but I made it! I only got to see the 6/8cyl race and to be honest it was not the entire race. I had a few layers of clothes, a jacket, hat, and gloves on (you know it's cold when I am bundled). The snow was falling ever so lightly, the wind was blowing and the chill in the air was enough to let you know you were at a NEETS enduro event. Could you believe in the first 15 minutes I was there, Uncle Petey managed to get tangled in the infield and broke the rear axle? :( Maybe I should have stayed home and he would have finished? I was happy that I got to see Bobby race, woohoo, getting in with the Big cars. Vrroomm vroommm. I read the results, no Pete Verwys?? :confused: Pat, where was your brother? lol since I learned we have the same tolerance for alcohol (or maybe after an exceedingly large amount consumed, therefore, lack of tolerance?) he has become one of my favs. lol Always glad to see the entire racing family. I wish I had more of a report, but due to an early start at work, and then an accidental nap, that was longer than I had anticipated, I didn't get to see much of the racing action. Congrats to the winners. Always good to see someone new in victory lane, or well at least someone who is as nice as Joe Jentile (I can say this now because I have officially met him). Can't wait until the next one.

01-09-2006, 09:32 AM
Pete had a tough one. He was having trouble with the car and did not get to the track until lap 4. Thanks to Rob Pyle and friends he was able to take a few laps. Started the race 27 laps down and proceeded to bury his car into the pit entrance.

Do not worry, he will be back.

Glad to hear you could make it.