View Full Version : Thanks For Your Help

05-21-2006, 10:22 AM
On behalf of Henry Cataldo, Ron Gibbs and the entire #44 Charger team, thanks to everyone in the pit area who came running to help our team get the #44 back into action following the wreck in last night's qualifying heat. Particular thanks go to Nick Herzberg and Sean Patrick. Bill Wegemann, Mike Bologna and Dan Grennan also were kind enough to lend our crew some critical tools and advice. If we forgot any names, please bear with us; we'll thank you in person next time we see you.

Thanks also to John Ellwood for the "thumbs-up" you gave our team as we backed the car out into the chute for the feature.

What goes around comes around. Your help, concern and encouragement won't be forgotten. When you need help, we'll be there :applause: .