View Full Version : The trucks aren't off

maestri fan 1
06-11-2006, 06:23 PM
According to the Riverheadraceway. com 2006 schedule, The trucks are racing on sunday with the enduros. Unless there was a change im not sure.

06-11-2006, 06:32 PM
Topic? Or is this a reply to a certain thread? We have SPT's listed as running Sunday on right side under Riverhead, Sunday..

W. J.
06-11-2006, 07:01 PM
Actually, JA remarked on the truck top 5 post that the "trucks are off this week". We regret the error and apologize. End of story; you may now go to the SPT pick 5 post for next week's race. This thread is closed.

06-11-2006, 07:15 PM
Whoops! My fault! I forgot this upcoming weekend is a doubleheader. Thread reopened.