View Full Version : July SPT race at Mountain postponed

06-28-2006, 10:05 PM
This is actually a good thing.
My intentions last December when placing the SPT on my printed schedule was to give you guys another place to race. I heard all the complaints of being locked into one track...and about the small purse you recieve. I wanted to give you guys a place to have a good time for a few weekends a year...like a mini-vacation.
I was actually set back by the feed back I had heard the last 2 weeks before this upcoming race about drivers demanding at least "X" amount of purse to pay for tires and at least "X" amount of laps or without either....they would not attend my offering.
Now I was a little more upset when I received some phone calls today from SPT drivers just hearing of this event yesterday???
I think you are all smart enough to know that if 6 or 7 trucks show up at this event, there is no way I could pay the purse they seek. I also know you are smart enough to know that if that did happen that would be the end of the SPT at Mountain Speedway.
I will not get mad at these people and give up. I will not ruin it for the guys that truly want this to work. I will work with a few guys and try to get a purse greater than "they" want!!! I will give them "MORE" laps than they requested!!!
This is why I decided to postpone this weeks SPT event until the beginning of August when you have another weekend free. This will give me ample time to work on sponsors for a great purse. Keep watching the JAM for dates and times.
Now for your part....All you have to do is talk to all your truck friends about coming. If you do want to contribute to the purse, shoot me an email. If you know any ARTS truck drivers...give them a shout. They will be allowed to compete in this event.
I will leave it at that for now and will get back to you with all the details for the next event. I will show you how to promote an event.