View Full Version : 7-1-06 Race Results

07-02-2006, 01:55 PM
Modifieds (35): 1. John Bennett 2.Kevin Graver, Jr. 3.Don Wagner 4.Scott Lesher 5.Amanda Sesely 6.Brian DeFebo 7.Bup Dreher 8.Rod Snyder, Jr. 9.Jarred Nace 10.Keith Mellars 11.Paul Skodacek 12.Chris May 13.Tom Flanagan 14.Don Bauder 15.Dave Correll DNS: Angela Cope

Late Models (30): 1.Paul Koehler, Jr. 2.Joe Kehrli 3.Lorin Arthofer II 4.Scott Shoff 5.Mike Sweeney 6.Francis Gross III 7.Pat Hargan 8.Mike Radocha, Jr. 9.Tony Volpe 10.Geno Steigerwalt 11.Rick Wallace 12.Todd Stehle DNS: Dave Imler, Tom Flanagan

Street Stocks (25): 1.Mark Deysher 2.Jay Llewellyn 3. Alan Schlenker 4.Shawn Sitarchyk 5.Stephen Steigerwalt 6.Randy Ahner, Jr. 7.Joe Mooney 8.Todd Ahner 9.Lonnie Behler 10.Dave Laubach 11.Mathias Hoffman 12.Jamie Smith 13.Dennis Buss 14.Kristy Morone-Arthofer 15.Justin Mooney 16.Mike Quinn 17.Chris Odenwelder

SS Survivor Series Round-4 (10): 1.Dave Laubach 2.Todd Ahner 3.Mike Quinn 4.Jay Llewellyn 5.Shawn Sitarchyk 6.Lonnie Behler 7.Justin Mooney 8.Joe Mooney

Pro4 Late Models (20): 1.Jeremy Miller 2.Frankie Althouse 3.Kevin Graver, Sr. 4.Barry Christman, Jr. 5.Dennis Silfies 6.TJ Gursky 7.Chris Kuronya 8.Jeff Delong 9.Steve Tomsic 10.TJ Kemmerer 11.Todd Baer 12.Bob Kibler 13.Troy Bollinger

Factory Stocks (20): 1.Randy Ahner, Sr. 2.Justin Steigerwalt 3.Doug Knauss 4.Brian Hughes 5.Duane Eidem 6.Ross Gursky 7.Bryan Ahner 8.Jason Kuhn 9.Jason Frey 10.James Pritchard, Jr. 11.Jeff Drofich 12.Keith Knappenberger 13.Mike Hartzell

4-Cylinders (20): 1.Mike Garris, Jr. 2.Jeff Bartron 3.Scooter Graver 4.Louis Szoke 5.Jon Smith 6.Dave Freundt 7.Brian Kunkle 8.Brandon Meckes 9.Adam Kratzer 10.Dan Biegley 11.Charles Biegley 12.Jason Zastko 13.Casey Creyer

credit: Dino Oberto.

Also, I would like to say that everybody who was involved did an awesome job of pumping the track. For those of you who were not there, in turns 3&4 the racing line had to be moved up to the 2nd groove because of water leaking out of the track there. Despite that, we still saw 2 & 3 wide racing. Overall the racing was over around 11:30, with fireworks being over by about 11:50.

-Josh Fisher-