View Full Version : Line up!

08-20-2006, 02:45 PM
Why is it that last weekend in the truck race when the wrecked happened during hot laps they ("officials") moved the whole outside row up. Now this week, the 25 elects to start in the rear of the field after not being up to par (the right thing to do!), the officals decide to cross everyone up instead of just bringing the whole inside line up! All I want to know is when the calls are going to become consistant!!?!?!?!

The Bullfather
08-20-2006, 02:49 PM
only at the start of the race will they move a whole line foward, after the first lap, they criss cross

W. J.
08-20-2006, 03:19 PM
The driver's started to do the crossover thing on their own, but the officials stopped it, because it was getting all messed up. The officials then set the field right, moving Cataldo to the pole, and moving Kevin Orlando foRward. Though no official laps had been scored, 2 tries at getting the race started occurred. You'd have to get the final answer from the track officials.
That was not the worst thing about the race, though. All the pushing, dumping, and shoving that took place was a disgrace to the whole race, making it less enjoyable as a race than it should have been. That's what the real issue should be here, not who started where and why. JMHO!