View Full Version : Provisionals for NELMA Race

09-13-2006, 11:03 PM
5 Provisionals will be awarded for the race (positions 20-25)

All 2006 Late Model Champions for the following are guaranteed qualification:
Holland - Mark Bliss
Lancaster - Bob Weber
Lake Erie - Mark Bliss
Mahoning (2005) - Mike Radocha, Jr.
Mountain - TBA
Riverhead - Greg Kleila

If the aforementioned do not need to use a provisional, we will use a system of provisionals based on past championships and the number of cars entered in the race (i.e. more cars entered from the track, more recent the championship, more likely you will get in).

We will have this list set before the race. Only those who have pre-entered will be eligible for a provisional.

09-14-2006, 09:12 AM
Provisional Order (as of 10/19 and those currently entered)

Mike Coll - 2006 Mountain
Mike Radocha, Jr. - 2005 Mahoning
Roger Oxee - 2005 Riverhead
Larry Fisher - 2005 Mountain
Todd Hoddick - 2004 Lake Erie
Jim Lamoureaux - 2004 Tioga
Scott Kulesa - 2002 Riverhead
Paul Koehler - 2002 Mahoning
Buzzy Eriksen - 2001 Riverhead
Chris Zacharias - 2001 Tioga
Jimmy Wismer - 2000 Flemington
Tommy Flanagan - 1999 Mahoning