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Thread: Welcome Back Hampton Jitney Race Tours

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    Sep 2002

    Welcome Back Hampton Jitney Race Tours

    Once again Hampton Jitney Race Tours, and the tourmaster, Ted Baxter, will sponsor us, this time the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour section, here at TheChromeHorn.com.

    Thank you for your loyal support, and what better way to ride in style to a Tour race than in a Hampton Jitney bus with all your racing friends with you!

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    Sep 2004
    To Ted and Hampton Jitney, Thank You very much.
    "points don't buy food, and trophies taste like s***!"- Ed Flemke Sr.

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    Its great just being a part of the wonderful world of Modifieds. Now if everybody could call and book one of our trips, that would be even be better.

    Chrome Horn, you should sell your avatar on a TShirt, I think it would sell BIG TIME!!!!
    I Love The Modifieds!!!!!

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    Welcome back Ted and Hampton Jitney.
    Oh, you never really left though. Well it is nice having you stay on with us.
    We will try our best to get the trips out to our viewers when they come up.
    ..Richie Grodski
    www.TheChromeHorn.com | RGrodski@thechromehorn.com
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    Old modifieds never die.........They just get updated.........

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    Hey and if anyone wants to ask about the world famous Hampton Jitney trips, ask Richie. He rode it and had a blast!

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