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    5/26 Results

    Results given by Dino Oberto....

    MODIFIEDS Make-up from 5/12 (35): 1.Rod Snyder, Jr. 2.Earl Paules 3.Kevin Graver, Jr. 4.Scott Lesher 5.Lou Strohl 6.Glen Correll 7.Paul Skodacek 8.Todd Baer 9.Rodney Gruber 10.Chip Santee 11.Mike Quinn 12.Eric Kocher 13.John Bennett 14.Bup Dreher 14.Bobby Jones 16.Troy Bollinger 17.Rick Kirkendall DNS: Brian DeFebo, Tom Flanagan, Keith Mellars

    MODIFIEDS Reg. Feat. (35): 1.Quinn 2.Wagner 3.Santee 4.Snyder, Jr. 5.Jones 6.Strohl 7.Paules 8.Brian Labar 9.Correll 10.Lesher 11.Graver, Jr. 12.Gruber 13.Dreher 14.Bollinger 15. Stacey Brown 16.Paul Skodacek 17.Kocher 18.Baer 19.Roger Heffelfinger 20.Bennett

    LATE MODELS (20): 1. Lorin Arthofer II 2.Todd Stehle 3.Rick Wallace 4.Mike VanFossen 5.Jason Zatsko 6.Don Holland 7.Todd Geist 8.Geno Steigerwalt 9.Barry Christman, Sr.

    STREET STOCKS (25): 1.Jay Llewellyn 2.Todd Ahner 3.Mike Garris, Sr. 4.Kristy Morone Arthofer 5.Mark Deysher 6.Lonnie Behler 7.Shawn Sitarchyk 8.Justin Mooney 9.Bill Hunara 10.John Kenny 11.Alan Schlenker 12.Joe Mooney 13.Chip Wanamaker 14.Stehpeh Steigerwalt 15.Kris Blazes 16.Jamie Smith 17.Randy Ahner, Jr.

    PRO4 LATE MODELS Make-up from 5/12 (20): 1.Mike Stringer 2.Kevin Rex, Jr. 3.Jeremy Miller 4.Frankie Althouse 5.Dustin Bair 6.Matt Derkosh 7.Drew Rice 8.Bill Rooney 9.Barry Christman, Jr. 10.Dave McCloud 11.Ricky Ahner, Jr. 12.Brian Ahner 13.Dennis Silfies 14.Chris Kuronya 15.TJ Kemmerer

    PRO4 LATE MODELS Reg. Feat. (20) 1.Rex, Jr. 2.Miller 3.Christman, Jr. 4.Bair 5.Kuronya 6.Rooney 7.Kemmerer 8.B. Ahner 9.Althouse 10.Stringer 11.Derkosh 12.Rice 13.Silfies 14.McCloud 15.R. Ahner, Jr. 16.John Powell

    FACTORY STOCKS (20): 1.Justin Serfass 2.Justin Steigerwalt 3.Duane Eidem 4.Jeff Delong 5.Randy Ahner, Sr. 6.Devin Gibson 7.Jerry Karp 8.Doug Knauss 9.Matt Keller 10.Jeff Drofich 11.Jason Frey

    4-CYLINDER STOCKS (20): 1.Jon Smith 2.Dave Freundt 3.Scooter Graver 4.Adam Kratzer 5.Ryan Christman 6.Dan Biegley 7.Charles Biegley 8.Jeff Biegley 9.Kevin Behler 10.Dan Freundt 11.Michael Stofflet 12.Casey Creyer 13.Jake Kibler 14.Bryan Creyer 15.Kristian Kalch

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    What time did they get restarted? I left when the rain start getting heavy. I thought the show was over because I heard Dino on the pa system.

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    I told you when I went out to the car that it wasn't called! The total delay was about 1/2 hour. The second modified feature was over before 10:30.

    Catch up with you soon.


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