Don Adams Returns to His Old Car to Win the Brice’s NAPA Turkey Derby for New Owner Jeff Kot

Jeff Kot approached Don Adams prior to the 34th Annual Turkey Derby at Wall Township Speedway and asked Adams to shake down the renumbered 95 car he purchased from Adams prior to the 2007 Gambler’s Classic in Atlantic City. Adams certainly shook the car down and returned the car to its winning ways in convincing fashion leading 15 laps and had a winning margin of 1.272 seconds over Ryan Tidman.

The first Brice’s NAPA heat was won by Bob Watkins Jr. in the car he drove to the 2007 Keenan Motors ATQMRA driving title and is readying for the Gambler’s Classic. Watkins won from the pole to notch his second heat win of the season followed by Chris deRitis, Adams, followed by the Payne Brothers Joey Jr. and Johnny.

The second Brice’s NAPA heat was taken by the Hard Charging Tim Buckwalter in the Colin Martin Spitfire development 36. He charged from his third starting position to take the lead from pole sitter Matt Janisch and win by 1.034 seconds over Ryan Tidman with Matt Janisch, Neil Blatt, and Frank Fischer rounding out the top five.

The Brice’s NAPA Feature event was brought to Glenn McGowan’s Green flag by the front row of pole sitter Rudy Boetticher and Frank Fischer. Fischer anticipated the wave of the green to jump out to the lead. Don Adams moved from his fifth starting position to challenge for the lead by lap 2. Adams and Fischer waged a side by side battle for the lead with Adams on the outside able to take the preferred line from Fischer on lap 6 taking the lead and never looking back. He led 15 laps en route to his second victory of the season in as many different cars.

Ryan Tidman made a last lap move to take second position from Fischer advancing 9 positions from a start of tenth on the grid. Tim Buckwalter led a charge from 11th on the grid to finish fourth with Bob Watkins Jr. rounding out the top five.

Paul Lotier Jr. made his first start in a TQ midget advancing from his 15th starting position to score a top ten in preparation for Atlantic City.

The day saw the return of Lenny and Donna Boyd to the ATQMRA family with their driver Paul Lotier Jr. at the wheel of the newly acquired Spitfire that won last years Turkey Derby with Steve Buckwalter at the wheel. They are planning their assault on Boardwalk Hall in January. Phil DiMario debuted his beautiful Dart Chassis car lettered and painted reminiscent of the midgets he won with driving for Ray MaCabe. Mike Osite made a return to the ranks of the ATQMRA for the first time since the closing of Pinebrook Speedway in 1989 in the Blu Metz 46. The day saw Billy Pauch Jr. take the wheel of the Joe Csernak 8x only to have fuel system gremlins prevent a good finish.

The day was another “Pinebrook Reunion” of sorts with Pinebrook veterans Lenny Boyd, Mike Osite, Bob Watkins Sr. Rudy Boetticher, Joe Payne Sr., Joey Payne Jr., Johnny Payne, Don Adams, Phil DiMario, Johnny Coy Jr., Alan Mollot, Bob Marlow, and Earl Krause and others who spent Friday nights at the fabled north Jersey oval.

Brice’s NAPA Heat 1 1. 91 Bob Watkins Jr., 2. 35 Chris DeRitis, 3. 95 Don Adams, 4. 26 Joey Payne, 5. 66p Johnny Payne,6. 04 Rudy Boetticher, 7. 23 Phil DiMario, 8. 94 Bruce Leote, 9. 8X, Billy Pauch Jr.

Brice’s NAPA Heat 1 1. 36 Tim Buckwalter, 2. 51 Ryan Tibman, 3. 48 Mike Janisch, 4. 09 Neil Blatt, 5. 33 Frank Fischer, 6. 1Paul Lotier Jr., 7. 46 Matt Osite, 8. 69 Tim Behmer, 9. 14 Robin Johnston

Brice’s NAPA Turkey Derby 1. 95Don Adams, 2. 51 Ryan Tibman, 3. 33 Frank Fischer, 4. 36 Tim Buckwalter, 5. 91 Bob Watkins Jr., 6. 48 Matt Janisch, 7. 35 Chris DeRitis, 8. 09 Neil Blatt, 9. 04 Rudy Boetticher, 10. 1 Paul Lotier Jr., 11. 46 Mike Osite, 12. 66p Johnny Payne, 13. 94 Bruce Leote, 14. 23 Phil DeMario, 15. 8X Billy Pauch Jr., 16. 26 Joey Payne, 17. 14 Robin Johnston, 18. 69 Tim Behmer