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Thread: good job erin #95

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    good job erin #95

    you drove a great race but sent it into turn one a little too deep keep it up your gonna win one before this year is over

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    You did a great job out there leading the race. The truck looked good and fast. You'll win one soon.

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    Great job, it wasn't that you sent it in to deep but rather fluid betweens 1 and 2. We got 14 more. go get em.

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    Yeah 22 was leaking fluid last 5 laps and stayed out so im pretty sure thats what got her but Damn she ran good keep it up Erin!
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    I was just watching the video from the race and right after she spun and after the leaders went by I seen frank jr or whoever was in the 6th 7th spot at the time get totally sideways and or spun out in the same spot so it damn sure must of been some kind of fluid out there or something

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