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    Wanted to offer my congratulations to Skip, Kevin Nowak, Tommy Enders, John Beatty And Malcolm Campbell on your top 5 runs on Sunday. You guys stayed out of trouble and did a great job! Hopefully, we can all put on a great race Saturday.
    Tom Sherman #27

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    Congratulations to the driver of the #37 legend car looks really nice use to be Jimmy Smith #4 then i bought it was Chuck Phillips JR #15j raced it a season. I rebuilt it from ground up. Raced it 4 times before finding out i was going to be a dad for the 2nd time so i sold out to Pat Zeller #31 How i can see in my old car is i zip tied the red rag on the clutch master cyc. been there for 5 yrs. lol good luck with car Chuck Phillips #31p

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