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Thread: charger finish scored wrong

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    we protested the finish of that race because, we crossed the line in sixth place and got scored for eighth place. the 23 and 56 never crossed the finish line, they were parked up in turn four, but according to the scorers, since the race ended under yellow, they said they look at the pevious lap and set the field like that. you can't set the finish from the previous lap. i never heard of such nonsense. they said the caution was only for the 89 not the 23 or 56. thats stupid also because if you are in the crash you are in the crash. the yellow should be for the caution in general not for specific cars.

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    unfortunally thats how it is they go back a lap (as they put it last completed lap). last year the mods had a race which ended like that and what happened was some raced to the line and some didn't. it was scary to say the least.

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    I watched on my tape and the yellow was out before the 23 and 56 hit in the 89 so they werent the caution and they finished where they went over the last completed lap.
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    Good call Bulldozer...
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    i was at the handicappers shack in front of the board when christy and becky were tring to explain that i even interjected that its because of the shortened race thats why it goes back a lap brought up modified race from a year ago result.............guy starts yellin at the handicappers as well as throwin a few fbombs in while walkin away.......reason for my post commend our handicappin staff for remaining calm in the eye of the storm

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